Just a quick notice to inform that I have finished my Master study today. I’m done, and I’m free. I was not a star but people think I’m smart (well, they’re fooled), I’ve done a decent job and my supervisor likes me.

After too years, I have:

– caught a Polish bear

– have had a bunch of good friends

– baked

– namingly bought a house (which is not true)

– become a gender maniac

– learnt some basic Norsk and 2 Polish words (porrr…rr…, hipopotam)

– tried skiing

– eaten pickled … fisk

– learnt how to find directions on transport

– travelled to some nice places and learnt that it doesn’t matter where you go, it matters who you go with

– been critical

– lived in an international dorm

– witnessed so many love affairs

Hmm.. m what else?

– become a happy person

About my thesis, don’t ask me about those stupid scholarly concepts, prof. Ask me about the people, and here they are.

Me and a whole bunch of Chinese.


One thought on “Graduation

  1. Congratulations, a great diary page, dear! You have set a good example of how one can change the quality of one’s life each day. Lots of love and kisses! :-*

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