I want to make good pic ever since I got my cam. I want to make better pic when I see how people online do magic with their cam. I’m forever a jealous person.

Rose and its fruits in my neighbourhood

This pic was taken in the early evening outside when there was absolutely no sun. Love the shiny green leaves.

Daisy in neighbour’s garden

Having a problem with bright homogenous colour like this gorgeous orange. How to fix it?

The wild blue

It was a very tiny flower, as small as a baby’s finger. I’m happy with my Macro but definitely it needs more sun.

I love photographing tiny blue flowers, I see. For me being dirty still means beautiful.

And so is being withered.

Some fruits on the fence of my neighbour, not for eating. Should have got more of the winding road in the backgound.

Just discovered the sepia effect in my cam. That roaming thing is the roots of my herbs. Now that I have some of them living I’m no longer a care-taker.

This is why I call myself lazy. Slapp av.

The mess around me after dinner. Have a sense of my daily life.

My pastry bowl and the dinning table.

The grapes. I can’t make a better positioning.

The spring onions. Same bowl, same place. Macro + Slow synchro Flash. But I prefer the grapes

My sesame fried chicken pasta. You can leave out the creme but I love the colour contrast.

Wind mill and the lantern flowers in my front yard. I just clear a whole bush, only kept this one for photographing.

My table decoration. Yes, we are poor and can’t affort flowers, so this is how we make our life romantic. It looks really much more colourful and gorgeous in reality than in this pic. Noise problem with high ISO. 

The cactus pic that makes me adore myself. It was Huong’s and she asked me to babysit it, then she refused to have it back. So now it is in the custody of Mr.Bear.

The cake that makes me adore myself. Okay, still needmuch work on presentation, but I’m heading there.

I took pics of things as they are naturally. I don’t clean them, don’t manipulate them in most cases, don’t edit them and don’t install additional lighting either. Well, maybe it’s not a good habit. So photo-freak out there, give me some good pieces of advice.


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