Recent Bakes

1. Coffee Tartlets

I made these tartlets long long ago, so I of course don’t remember the recipe 😉 The reason was that I bought this set of small metal tart forms, the inspiration was coffee. I don’t drink coffee myself, and Mr.Bear doesn’t, either. But I think the flavour of coffee is so cosy and addictable.

The shells

A close up, looking like a cute little flower, isn’t it?

Out of the oven and with a shiny coffee curstard on

I cut the pastry by the form itself, so the shells ended up being too low, which made it difficult to handle the tarts. But they still look nice anyway.

Let it snow, let it snow

The inside

2. Lady fingers in disguise

A little tempered choc, some chopped nuts and dried cranberries, to sweetened the flat lady-fingers (or Sampa in Vietnamese). Believe me, it looks better but doesn’t improve the taste much, at least for me.

3. Eggplant puff tart

Puff pastry is an amazing thing. It makes things become easier than it should be. This tart is entirely vegetarian, but it tastes quite fat as the eggplant is always an oil-sucker.

4. Damn, what’s the official name of this coco-eggwhite crispy thing? I have problem remembering dish names. This is simply coconut shave + eggwhite + chopped nut (my idea) + sugar to taste. Surprisingly tasty. In VN you can find the fresh long coconut shaves, and it’d be way much better and prettier than this. This is a poor version of what it should be.

5. Scone. Some kind of scone I don’t remember because i baked it so long ago. I like scone as it has a crispy shell and a springy texture, half like bread, half like pie. Nice and rustic.

6. Lime tart. Ok, so this is really recent, as I baked it 2 days ago. I baked the shell (sweet tart shell) and stored it in the fridge as I didn’t know what filling to company it. And the shell was a bit too thick so it was a put-off for me too. But when I thought about a lime filling, the thick shell didn’t seem to be a big prob any more, as the lime needs a strong base to balance with. It was a very easy tart to make (egg + whipping cream + sugar + lime juice + lemon peel shave/sitron essence), and easy to eat too. I like the burnt part on the lime particularly. Cute.

7. Layer cake with matcha cream

This cake is my pride because i feel somehow like I made it from my own recipe. Of course I have to base the recipe on my Bible, but the proportion is my own, and the form of the cake is my own too. I created this form from aluminium foil by myself. And it worked perfectly. The reason I bother to make my own form was that I needed a rectangular one. And I don’t want to depend on what’s available in the shops.

It peeled off very easily too. Aluminium foil usually has one side shinier than the other. That shiny side is the one that sticks the least to the cake, so be sure to make it the side that comes into contact with the batter.

But the my pride became my disappointment. I made the mistake of chopping up the cake, so when it filled it with cream, it looked really messy. It tastes very nice, soft, with the matcha flavour which makes you think you’re sipping a cup of green tea. But it looks horrible. I admit that to make a beautiful presentation requires a lot more than laziness.

This was the desperate effort to save the appearance of the cake.

Big lesson: work harder!


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