I feel like I have grown up into the next level of baking. The signal of this tiny maturity is that I no longer feel scared of rolling tart shell. It’s true that after you gain the feel of how to make things in the right way, you start to fall in love with what you used to hate. Why this improvement? I don’t know, perhaps my sense of measurement just gradually sharpens with time.

So this is the banana tart which I pride myself on. Crunchy shell, nice colour, and seducing banana flavour. And no caster sugar on top to conceal the natural beautiful presentation.

An effort to economicalize the precious dough, so the tiny bana-babe was born.

My adventure with savoury muffins goes on. Here are the onion-and-chicken army.

I baked these for Mr. Bear’s breakfast, as nothing is easier to make, to store and to eat than muffins. The only complaint from Mr. Bear was that the paper cups prevented him from swallowing the muffins quicker.

I bought a packet of Digestive cookies out of curiosity and had to admit that this type of cookies taste good even on its own. Crunchy but melt in the mouth. So they inspired me to make a cheesecake. The result was a disaster. Well, a good-looking disaster, though.

Yes, it was a disaster, a complete failure in the sense that it was supposed to have another layer of orange jelly on top. The culprit was the leaking cake form. The other two layers were also not so even as I assemble them all by hand, without any help from gelatine. OK, next time I’ll make unbake cheesecake with gelatine. Hope that it’ll be much nicer.

One thing to note here is that I make all these cakes here without recipe. I put ingredients together from my instinct and my sense of judgement of the right consistancy. I don’t even remember how much of each ingredient that I threw in here. Maybe it’s a better way to practise baking, trusting your instinct rather than the cookbook. I was crazy enoughto apply this method to soufflé.

I have never tasted a soufflé before, I think I have never seen one by myself either. The name of this dessert sounds funny to me, so I decided to make one just to see how it actually taste. I watched a clip of making soufflé on Youtube, so I threw in the ingredients along the way. Of course I never know what a ‘real’ soufflé should be like, but this one looks like one, and raised like one too. And the texture looks just correct. Moist and soft and spongy, like a finer version of sponge cake. But I don’t know how to keep its height. As long as I turned off the oven, the soufflé started to fall. Or is it the way it is?

Okey, so what about airbrushing? All of these pictures are almost original. As you can see I made some minimal efforts to arrange the setting and also some really minimal efforts to edit them by the … Auto click.

But it’s fun to see the difference.


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