Just a quick post since I don’t have time, and don’t remember the recipes either. And Mr. Bear reminded me that I should go to sleep early, and this is not quite so.

Spinach and shrimp tart

This is the first one I had time to edit today, I may add some more later, maybe. This tart is a savoury one, as can be seen, with simple dough made without sugar (or only a bit if desired). The filling is spinach stir-fried with shrimp and mushroom, and egg + cream mixture. Yummy by itself, but I was thinking what I can add as an accessory. I’m just too plain.

Bloody … berry

I bought frozen blue berry, strawberry and bjornberry (god knows name of this berry in English, I don’t, but it’s a common berry), sit them in the fridge for more than 1 day already. So my conscience called me and ordered that something must be done before these good berry go bad. So I started to search for the recipe for Blueberry Kuchen. I saw it somewhere online, but as always, I didn’t find it when I need it. So I made this one, out of my shortage of milk. Had I known that Mr.Bear has one more carton of his milk (0,1% fat but its name is still ‘milk’), this could have been something else. But there is something we call ‘fate’, and today, my fate is this Bloody berry.

I call it so because it looks really bloody red on anything the berry juice drops on. And my fingernails are now blue from the blueberry. I see that I’m now quite comfortable with rolling tart shell now. Still not perfect, but I’m no longer saying ‘shit!shit!’ any more.

Still don’t know much about editing, but I started venturing with colour. Quite fun!


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