Poland 4

There are so much to say from this trip that I never quite find the time to express them in an adequate way. Just the pictures tell their stories.

Polish bread


I didn’t try this kind of bread but Mr.Bear claims that this is a popular bread. Just look at its funny ring shape. I have to admit that I’m quite keen in Polish food, or maybe they’re just not that different from the Vietnamese taste.

Polish mushroom


We came across these huge mushroom when we were a bit lost on the way ‘home’. As I have heard Polish people like to eat forest mushroom a lot, unfortunately many of them are poisonous and it require a keen eye to distinguish the edible. And as none of us have such keen eye, we chose to shoot them instead of buying them. Anyway, these mushroom looks awesome to me.

The photography fair


This fair was one of the aims of our trip to Poland this time. This was the place where devices for making pictures were on sale. It attracted quite a lot of people. We didn’t buy anything here because we got to know this man.


He is the professional photographer whose warehouse we paid a visit to. He was very successful in advertising his products by showing us his work and explaining what big effect some tools (like flash light, soft box, etc.) can have in increasing the quality of the pictures. Mr.Bear was completely thrilled! So instead of the device for measuring light, we walked out of his warehouse with 2 umbrellas, 2 tripods, and two light bulbs, and even with an intention of a comeback for more.



We were walking thru a park before visiting the photography fair. Mr.Bear explained to me that he used to visit this park when he was a small child. So it is an important place, isn’t it? We pick some chestnuts and Mr.Bear said that Polish people don’t know that chestnuts are … edible. What a discovery! Anyway, we met an apricot tree and I ate one. We took picture of one apricot which sat steadily on a branch.

The aunt


We visited his aunt, who is 80 and living alone in her small but very cute flat, just like her. Everytime we visit her, the first thing we do is to sit down at the table and eat a big meal. I feel a bit uncomfortable to be served by an old lady, u know, I should be the one to do the job, but she made sure that her guests were indulged.


A big lady in a tiny kitchen


Like aunt like nephew


Auntie and me

The Polish open market


I see that open markets are the same everywhere, the same as in VN, isn’t it? I even saw here the big scale which I saw in the Communist time. Poland sometime gives me the impression of a huge museum.

Pickled Polish cucumbers


These remind me so much of VNese ‘dưa muối’. Polish people think that pickled cucumbers are so unique of Poland and they expect me to disgust them. Contrary, I love them. The seller was completely embarrassed when I shot her cucumbers.

Sunflower seeds


It is very popular in Poland to buy the whole head of sunflower and eat the raw seeds. I didn’t try this but it looks nice.

Pickled white fish


This fish was pictured not in the open market but in a small supermarket. Pickled fish are available in Norwegian supermarket too. Sound similar to Vnese fish sauce, but their taste can’t be more different. Fish are soft as raw, but has a sweet and sour taste. VNese people will not like it at the first try, but I find it interesting.



The cloud outside of my plane window when I came back to Oslo was strangely arranged in rows.

After each trip to Poland, I feel more connected to this country. But after this particular one, I feel like it has become my second home. The reason why should be revealed in my other blog in Vnese.


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