Wedding ring – Xmas – Cooking Bear

Just to show off my wedding ring plus engagement ring with the carving on them.


I happened to see the light converged in the middle of the wedding ring. Looks strange. So I took a picture, and one more, and one more. Inside the wedding ring is my name and his name. The heartshape is my idea. And inside the ingagement ring is ‘I love you’ in Vietnamese. He made sure it was written correctly by someone who had no idea of Vietnamese spelling. He cares, isn’t it?


Both of the rings were made in Poland, in the same shop. They costed less than in Norway and looks better, I think, because they’re made by order. I like the ingagement ring because it’s really elegant, and beautiful and so sparkling. The wedding ring is chosen by him, so it looks rather masculine for my small finger. But I think I like it more and more as I wear it.

My Christmas

This is actually the first Xmas I had in Norway although i have been here for more than 2 years. I had the 2006 Xmas in Poland (with him, of course) and 2007, I was in Vietnam preparing for our wedding.


We had a very exciting Xmas party with the Vietnamese group in Oslo, plus sleeping there too. Very yummy food and extremely funny games. My own Xmas is a peaceful and simple one as we don’t celebrate anything. But the atmosphere is there, and he’s at home with me. So that’s Xmas for me.

He’s cooking. My gosh!

Yes, he does. I don’t know what triggered this awesome thought but one eve he announced that he was going to cook dinner. Fried frozen vegies. But it tasted good. So he seemed to pick up some confidence and this eve he repeated it. My gosh, I don’t know what’s happening, but it should be nothing bad.


My potentially great chef.

Stuffed squid

Baking is a mind-trainer, for I wouldn’t have come up with the idea of how to stuff these squid without baking experience. They’re fresh squids, frozen as they were caught and therefore tasted better than the processed ones. But also much more work to do with them. I had to empty their pouches, cleaned them, prepared the filling, which resembled springroll stuffing and stuffed them.


The tricky part was the stuffing. After the first messy attempt trying to force the gooey filling in with my finger, I decided it had to be a better and quicker way. So I used the piping method, and it worked.


The squids became very plump and full after they’re steamed. He called them ‘baloons’, and they tasted yummy, like real squids, not the frozen chewing gums. I learnt that the reward of food making is the joy I create for the diner. Just look at his face when he asked for the next ‘baloon’. So happy!

Polish tomato salad


I believe that you can find this dish in any Polish family. Their basic breakfast are bread, soft butter, ham and this salad. And it’s really simple, just slices of tomatoes, onions, salt and pepper and some herbs if desired.

Grilled fish await


Simple fish stuffed with some green herbs before going into the oven. I like the purple vains on the leaves.

Potato gratin


For me gratin is a great way to eat cheese. So simple and delicious. I always stick to the classical combination potato, onion and yellow cheese. I love the caramelized onion on top too.

I typed this post while waiting for a batch of sun-dried tomato buns to cool off. They should be completely rested by now.


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