Tet party, carrot cake and a sleepy bear

Last weekend was our Tet party (or Lunar New Year), we were late because of some ruined choux pastry. I have never got on well with choux pastry. My fate? It’s a pity that I didn’t manage to make any Tet traditional food. I have my Norsk class and the choux mission seemed too stressful for me. Anyway, we did light some incents and made sure that Mr.Bear set foot first into the house at the very early moments of the new year. So that was quite enough of tradition.

I may make up for this loss of traditional food later, when I have time and mood. It’s a lovely time checking up all the Tet celebration in other Asian blogs. Spring is in the air, spring is everywhere.


I have been trying so many times to post this pic on Yahoo, but that f**king website just refused to work completely. Don’t know why it’s still existing. Anyway, one (wo)man’s gladness is another man’s torture.


The Tet party this year was said to be not as a huge success as last year. But it showed already a big amount of preparation. I was a bit ashamed I didn’t contribute much to it. But we enjoyed taking pictures. By the way, Mr.Bear in this suit looks so much like him when he was graduating from … kindergaten.


Let me be honest, I’m not a fan of carrot cake. Personally, I prefer light sponge cake or soft yellow cake with cream rather than a dark, flavour-rich cake with crumbling texture. For me, any cake with muffin blending technique (which means the eggs and/or butter play no role in stabilizing the structure of the cake) has a countryside and home-baking standard. Same here, I made this cake because I had to use up the carrots which are heading for a mouldy future in a quick, massive and effective way. So there came a carrot cake.


However, this is the healthiest carrot cake recipe that I have so far which definitely restores the reputation for carrot cake. My friend would frowns ‘carrot cake? with walnut and 1 cup of oil?’ Not here, only 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and that’s it. Not any other form of fat involved, not counting the frosting. And despite that small amount of fat, the cake is surprisingly soft. The main ingredients include carrot, fresh and candied ginger (which came in handy because of  Tet and my parents just sent me a big packet which I have no idea how to best consume), ginger powder for the flavour (which I subtitute by cinnamon) and raisin (which I subtitute by dried cranberry and to help cut down on the sweetness also). So, it doesn’t have any fat nut even. And 2 egg keep cholesteron level at a very ok level. Guilt-free cake, absolutely!

But the main reason I took picture is because of the so nice greenish kiwi.


I love the green colour of ripe kiwi and avocado. This kiwi is really very ripe as it is from the same batch I bought for decorating the cheesecake in the previous entry. The other one was a bit too unripe and this one is a bit of age.


No, he’s not drunk. He’s simply so happy after a good meal. Like with puppies, feed them well, lots of love and a long leash, and they’ll always come home. At least, that’s what the saying goes.


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