Flower of late summer

No cake for this weeked, at least not yet. My ‘me’ time is in weekend, when I let my conscience down and indulge myself with whatever eating plan that showed up during the week. So this is the Friday afternoon, and lying in my sink now is a package of pig ears, defrosting; and in my fridge a pig thigh, scored and seasoned 1 day ago. Too late now but I suddenly come up with a whim of Jul ribbe, which i substitute here by the pig thigh and Tet pig ear jelly sausage (the name may sound a bit abnormal but it describes just what it is).

To put it simply, the thigh will be deboned (hmmm… donkey work awaits) and grill in the oven skin side up, so that after it’s done, the pork skin will puff up and become crispy, some kind of pot-roast, slow-cooking meat. And it’s the traditional Norwegian Christmas dish.

What I plan to do to the ears, is rather simpler. Boil them, slide them thinly and saute them with some lean meat from the thigh and tree-ears (ear and ear, yes). And then the skin from the ears will release its gelatine to make everything stick to each other. Then the whole ear things will be stuffed in to some tigh place, such as a milk carton (after the milk has been drunk, of course). Then chilled. It should become something like a marble when it’s done. Traditionally, the Vietnamese version has only salt and black pepper (or fish sauce, if you want to go the extra mile in being Vietnamese) as the seasoning. But the Norwergian employs also cloves, and it gives a nice elegant taste to the meat. So I’ll try this integration.

That’s the theory. In practice, if you see I post the pictures next weekend, it means theory has been put into practice. If not, you guest what happened.

There’s one thing Mr.Bear loves more than me. It’s coconut milk. And it entails the fact that he’s crazy about Thai dessert, as it always has coconut milk and tapioca pearls. So to win him back, I’ve bought tapioca pearls, dried longan, dried lotus seeds and coconut milk are available at home. Let’s make some Thai dessert too.

But before all these earthy comsumption of materialistic stuffs happens, enjoy the divine beauty of Oslo flowers in the late summer. Why summer now, when it’s snowing everyday and so freezing outside. I miss summer so much in this dull weather. I can’t wait to feel the sunny heat and dress myself in tops and sandals again.


Poppy flowers are so popular here in summer. Scary, drug everywhere in the city.


This purple flower is in Warsaw in a park when Mr. Bear often visited when he was a baby. Cutest baby in the world!


These yellow flowers are everywhere in Oslo in summer. They are used as fences. I took this picture on the way to Hafslund, an electricity which I hate a lot because it robs us so much money every 3 months.


Purple flower which reminds me of the Vietnamese eggplant flowers. For Vietnamese, purple is the colour of faithfulness. And guess what, Mr. Bear loves this colour too.


White flower (bìm bìm) on the way to the hateful Hafslund.


Stone outside of Skoyen station. I like coarse stones.


Pansé in late autumn, starting to wither. On the way to my school Rosenhof.


Purple pansé. I’m not crazy about the purple colour. I’m just nut over purple flowers.


I don’t know the name of this flower but it’s huge and look very exciting. And don’t overlook the bee.


This flower is on a yard near Rosenhof.


On the same yard.


Even when the flowers are gone, the beauty remains.


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