Garden flowers

I write this entry in English as I’ve got enough of the crazily slow VNese keyboard. Something wrong with wordpress?

Better post some pics of wild  (or at least wildly grow) flowers in my garden.


This big flower is not wild, I saw it in the flower shop, but in my garden it grow up unexpectedly. Before it blooms, it looks like a shy rose, after, it looks like a cabbage.


It blooms quite fast because of the hot weather.


After we returned from Poland, our garden had become a carpet of this white daisies. Literally! I picked some to put in three vases, and there’re still more than many out there.

flying fur

What’s the name of this plant in English? I thought I liked them at first, but when the whole house and the whole community, everwhere to be exact, was filled with these ‘flying fur’, then I had to admit that it was rather disturbing.


Just a gust of wind….


I also don’t know the name of this violet flower, but they grow vigorously everywhere, a big bush in the end of the garden.


Not bigger than your finger-tip but blood-red carnation.


Some very tiny wild flowers, looking like panse.

purple version

The blue version

magneta version

The pink version


Some tiny tiny blue flowers. Not bigger than some millimeters, I swear. You can see a blade of grass behind it. That’s my macro doing the job.



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