Happy Birthday to Mum

This is the first time somebody has made a cake for Mum on her birthday, because noone in my family knows how to make cakes before.


To be honest, I didn’t intent to make a cake for her birthday, I just hapened to make a cake on her birthday. But as far as you don’t tell her, there’s no way she knows about it.


I made this cake because I wanted to try out the basic recipe for suger cake. I added ground almond and dry cranberries to make the texture a bit more interresting. After eating, I realized that had I toasted the almond before grinding them, and chop the cranberries finely, the taste could be even more interesting. I’d not say that it tastes super, but not bad.


Before I put cream on the cake, Mr. Bear insisted on having a piece of the cake. I need the cake to survive in the fridge overnight for the gelatine to set more, so I said I’d need to decorate a bit and take picture. That was when I thought I could make it into a birthday cake for my mum. And it was very effective in saving the cake from the Bear, because he wants to be a nice son-in-law.


I’m always lousy at decorating. I didn’t want to make more than 1 colour because I didn’t have a lot of buttercream. And I didn’t know how to smooth out the surface of the cake so it looks horribly rough. And as always, I couldn’t be contented with just a few stars when there was still some icing leftover. So i piped some more, and some more. And it ended up a mess at last. That’s when I decided that’s a bit more than enough stars for my mum.


I added some canned peaches to the cream. It was actually whipped cream + whipped creamcheese (because the idea of just whipped cream sounds too lipity for me) and 2 blades of gelatine. The gelatine was incoporated in a very clumsy way so I was not very sure if the cream set by itself or under the effect of the gelatine. But it set anyway. I used some Polish flavouring essent which smells like chewing gum, and I quite like it.

So happy birthday to Mum, she must be thrilled!



Just for looking, mum, because this cake is rather high in calories.

By the way, I didn’t bake anything for Mr. Bear’s birthday, because I start to feel a bit guilty for his weight. So instead, I gave him roses.


I chose these roses because they had a special colour, half red and half white. If red roses are for lover and white for good friend, then husband should be both.


To end this birthday entry, I’d like to remind all of you that my own birthday is coming soon. Hopefully, we’ll finish this cake by that time.

One thought on “Happy Birthday to Mum

  1. Kinh that, lay chong cai yeu me han ra, ninh bo thi thoi roi. Hehe
    Vang, em chua lay vo. Chac doi an keo cua em thi cung con lau chi ah. Hihi

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