Coffee Cookies – Resolution to a Tragedy???

Everyone has some dilema which can not be resolved in their life. If one thinks about it in a romantic way, dilemas are needed to keep us aspiring, for we know that there’re something always out of reach, something so worth striving for.

My tragedy is that I can not just bake when I want to, because this ‘want to’ happens too frequently, not giving myself enough time to eat up the previous cake before I want to start the next one. The other reason is that if I leave my cake hanging around in the house, it (or at least most of it) could end up in a chubby tummy (of whom we all know), which, in return, makes this tummy even chubbier (sigh). My ideal cake is always a cream one, tall and mighty 3 layer cake, with jam, fruits and cream in between each layer, with thick frosting on all sides, coconut or almond flakes drizzled on, and beautiful professional piped rosettes, plus some red berries on top. If I feel really generous, there should be some abstract swirling figure of chocolate or caramel crowned in the center of the top-floor too. Yes, that’s what I always have in mind when I think about baking something.

But as the way our dream bubble bursts, the ‘realistic me’ knows that first of all, it costs all too much time, effort and money to build this dream cake, and to let it sit around until all the cream goes bad. Anyone who bakes know that cakes often taste best the day they are born. Month-old frozen cakes are not in my vocabulary.

So, in order to not drown the rest of my life in despair over a broken dream, cookies are born as a salvation. Yes, cookies are the perfect solution for the baking dilema. You can bake almost as often as you want, they don’t take so much fuss to do, and can be stored nicely in transparent glass jars for display, for breakfast, tea/coffee time, snacks, etc, you name it. Cookies can last for a while, and it doesn’t send you the SOS guilty reminder that: I have cake, they need to be eaten, fast! No, with cookies you can (assumingly) have a slow life.

The beautiful thing about cookies is that they’re so versatile, and not so many ingredients needed, thus satisfy your impulse of baking at almost anytime, if you have sugar, butter and flour at hand.

I bake these cookies on one of such days when I feel like taking an adventure, i.e. doing something I don’t often do. I don’t drink coffee. For me coffee is an exotic thing, like Westerner do not eat morning glory.


Orginally, I wanted to try the recipe for this swirling mocha cookies like in the picture. But after I have scaled out the butter and sugar, I realized that I had only half of the require flour left. What would I do then with the already sugared-mixed butter? Improvise, for sure. You can’t give up baking because you don’t have the exact ingredients.

So I was creaming the butter, adding the egg (not sure if I had the egg, hm.., I should, maybe, it should be with egg), and when I sifted in the flour and baking flour, I was thinking: Shit, this dough will be too fat and too sweet, because the proportion of the butter to flour is completely wrong! I remember that I reduced the sugar a certain amount, because I didn’t have quite enough butter, or not enough sugar, or both. Sorry, because these cookies were made before my trip to Poland, quite a long while ago, so now my memory of what I actually put in the cookies is completely blury.

After mixing the dough, I realized that this dough is definitely too soft to roll into log and freeze as required in the recipe. Ok, so I won’t! As the name of the cookies is Mocha Spiral, I added 1 or 2 spoonful of instant coffee powder, for the flavour. You can add whatever flavour you like. The original recipe calls for rolling the dough out into 2 sheets, colour one with cacao, and then roll them together to make the spiral, then chill in the freezer, then cut into thin slices and bake.

But what I could do is to fit my soft dough (like a cake batter) into a piping bag and pipe onto a baking sheet. Of course I also omitted the chilling phase in the freezer as it doesn’t make sense to me. They look quite nice rosettes with great swirl and curves before they came into the oven. I was so proud I could finally pipe rosettes. But I can tell you that whatever shape they were doesn’t matter, because they’d all melt down to this round shape when they come out, so skip the piping, just make sure each portion is of similar size.

Out of oven, they are like babies, very soft and easy to break and leave you in trouble, so the wisest thing is to just leave them to cool down. They’d harden and become much crispier. Wait until they are completely cool before putting them in jar, ready as coffee/tea/reading/blogging snack.

There’s not much to remark about these cookies, except for that they’re easy to make and EXTREMELY tasty!!! Mr. Bear call them ‘dangerous cookies’, as he out-of-control-ly put them in great danger of extinction. Most of them in a 30 – 40 batch couldn’t make it to the evening. Well, the culprit often claims more damage than the victims.

I’d write here the full original recipe for you to experiment at your own risk 😉 Keep in mind that what I did was completely different from the original recipe, but do not worry as with cookies, you’re not likely to fail, just end up with something very different from what you might expected 🙂

German slices

(would make about 60 cookies according to recipe)

180 g unsalted butter, soft

185 g brown sugar (I used normal white sugar, reduced to 160 or something similar, ended up reasonably sweet)

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1 egg

280 g flour (I think I had about 140g flour only)

1 teaspoon baking powder (did I reduced the baking powder to 1/2 teaspoon? maybe, as i had only half the flour)

2 teaspoon of instant coffee powder to taste (can adjust or replace by other flavour)

Cream the butter and sugar, then add the egg and vanilla. Egg and butter should be room temp, as if they’re cold, they’re likely to separate from each other, which in fact doesn’t matter so much apart from making you feel bad about your self, hehe.

Sift in the flour + baking powder into 2 – 3 batches, fold in until combine after each batch. You can mix the coffee with the flour, I think, if you want to sift the coffee too. Or just add after the flour and give some quick stir to distribute evenly.

Scoop or pipe onto baking paper. You can use this opportunity to practise piping rosettes just for the pleasure of piping, but your cookies will end up losing all the shape anyway.

Bake in pre-heated oven at 180 degree C.

When you start to smell the nice aroma from the oven, which means 10 -15 min later, the cookies should be done. Better not to wait til they turn brown on the edge, so do go check when you start to recognize the smell. It should indicate that the cookies are about to be done soon.

Cool them off, better not try to lift them when they’re still soft. Give them some patience, they’ll learn to behave themselves.

And tra-la, you have some Dangerous Coffee Cookies!


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