Blue day

The weather is so sunny today, but we’re feeling like our hearts are raining. Unsure. Insecured. What is waiting ahead of us? Mr.Bear panics a bit today, I realized that. It’s a bit surprising for me, as he knows what can be expected. Is it because awareness and realization are two different things?

I don’t panic, I know things will be ok anyway. It’s just the matter of how it will become ok. But I feel worried anyway. Life is always an adventure, but now I have a company.

There’s nothing much I can do. Because here I’m in a very dependent situation. But it’s not the end of the world. It’d be nice to stay here in Norway, but if we have to move, ok, let’s just do what it takes.

The seeds I planted has bloomed beautiful flowers for the first time.

seedbloom 004

There are white and pink flowers. But only pink looks pretty. It was afternoon and in the shadow, so the camera couldn’t capture how nicely pink it was.

seedbloom 005

These are the original pictures, without any editing. Or at least, I tried but couldn’t make them look any better.

seedbloom 003

A little peace in my soul.


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