Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Got curious about this cake from reading one of my dear friend’s blog. I’m not curious about the cake, but rather about making the cake. Here is my version.

japanesecotten cheesecake

This cake, judging from the ingredients, is just a type of spong cake, with the flavour of creamcheese. I’d call it by its true name ‘Creamcheese sponge cake’. Because in a typical sponge cake, you use egg white as the tool to build the structure of the cake. This cake is baked without any baking powder or other heaving agents. All the feature of the cake: height, sponginess, softness, flavour are created solely basing on the nature of the ingredients.


Before baking, I planed to make Swiss Meringue Buttercream to company with the cake. Also a chance for me to try out my new tiny spring form (16 cm in diameter). But after seeing the cake, I decided to keep it as plain as possible. Because the cake has a very mild and soft colour, quite beautiful I must admit, I even almost didn’t edit the picture. So what you see here is quite true of how this cake actually look.

This cake behaves very well both in the oven and outside. Before you take it out, it was like a mushroom doom, raised very evenly. After turning off the oven, try to resist opening the door to take a peek, that’d create quite big ugly wrinkles on the surface of the cake. Instead, just keep the oven door slightly open by a wooden spoon handle, and leave it to cool down VERY slowly in about 30 – 45 min or longer if can restrain your curiosity so long. The sides of the cake naturally pull away from the side of the pan, so it was easy to remove it even though I didn’t line the baking paper. Typical japanese well-behaviour.

Honestly, this cake is too damn to my liking, and because a huge amount of egg was used compared to the amount of butter, to raise up the volumn, the cake smells quite heavily eggy. I’d prefer to make a cake with buttery or creamy smell much more than this ‘eggy quiche’. After a decent accommodation in the frige, the eggy smell diminished partially, but still not my favourite cake, anyway.


One thought on “Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

  1. so good looking! I think rum can delete the smell of eggs. There r some recipes which use less eggs. If u put some cream on top, and some strawberry, it can also help to balance out the smells. :-). I like it somehow, at least better than the normal cheese cake.

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