Apple mareng tarts

Yesterday I was pretty sentimental when listening to some music ‘of the past’. It reminded me how much dependent I was on those songs, and how my heart was thumping according to the moods of the songs. But it was too late to write any thing.

And today, I came up with some nice ideas about learning things on the internet. Such a wonderful world where education is free (hm, or at least equal the electricity bill) and just a click away.

But anyway, when it comes to posting something, my first priority is still bakeworks, so sentiments and memories, excell and statistics have to wait.

I know people often make lemon meringue tarts, but what can I do when I have no lemon and lots of apple?


I made these tarts because I wanted to try out the basic recipe for the dough. Going back to basic seems a good thing to do, especially after making some tons of mistakes, and wasting a lot of ingredients. Just the case when you try to assemble some new stuff, the last thing you refer to is reading the instruction. Funny, but it always happens that way.


Another thing which inspired me to create this tart is to try making mareng/maringue (what’s the difference, anyway?), that is the white cap over the tart. It looks just very cute for me. Well, it can be even much cuter had I not been so lazy and used a piping bag. Next time I’d probably will. This time I only wanted to make sure it works. And it did, not so difficult as I anticipated. By the way, if you are wondering, the filling is apple and dried cranberry cooked with sugar and a tiny bit of cinnamon. I have a superstition that cinnamon goes well with almost everything.

About the dough, the main reason for these tarts, I followed quite strictly the recipe, but for that I used an egg yolk instead of most of the required water. Well, I read somewhere that egg yolk is better than water, of course, if the dough still feel a bit dry, just add extra water till it reaches the right consistency. The verdic? Great dough! Really very successful, I’m totally pleased with soft, yet crunchy and flaky dough, even better than cookies. And it is also very tolerant with rolling. Here is how the dough look when cut across.


For me, a good dough is a dough which has layers, that is a dough which has a bit too much imagination and thought it was a …. puff pastry, and so it behaves like one and starts to rise. By the way, while this is the same dough for the maringue tarts, this is actually a bigger apple tart, and you can see that the dough is rather thick. But it was no problem at all, because is was just the best part of the tart, indeed. I could just scrape out the filling and eat the tart shell by itself. Yummy!

In all, the maringue was good, just remember that you have to be patient when making maringue, they need some time to dry out and cool down slowly in the oven, otherwise they’ll collapse and get premature (= wrinkles), the dough was fantastic, and the apple was crap. But it was just as good the apple could be, so next time I’d make something else meringue.

Papa for now (which means bye bye in Polish)!


2 thoughts on “Apple mareng tarts

  1. I love apples and I love meringues so what a perfect combo! They look great, especially the filling. Cinnamon is a great addition to everything sweet. I must try this out one day 😀
    Hope they tasted awesome!

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