A day with Bum

It was a day so nice and excited which both of us didn’t quite expected from each other. This is the little guy who made my day. His nick name is Bủm.

cooking 203

This picture was taken about 2 years ago, when he was about 2. Now Bum is about 4, no longer cries, no longer has to use diapers and no longer the shy little kid I used to know.

So what about he now? He sings, clearly and loudly, a lot of songs. And I was amazed to see that he could already mix-matches songs together, to invent a new song about me, like this:

(basing on the song Ba oi ba)

Co PA oi co PA, chau yeu co lam,

Toc co … (hm, can’t say white) den , den nhu la go mun …

Bum wants to have a baby sibling. So there was a small interview:

– Bum co thich me de baby ko?

– Co

– Bum thich em gai hay em trai?

– Bum thich baby gai.

– Tai sao lai baby gai?

– Tai vi me va baby se nau com va choi cung nhau, con bo va Bum se choi cung nhau.


– The ai se trong baby?

– Ah, bo fai di lam, me cung fai di lam, Bum fai di hoc, the thi baby fai o nha mot minh thoi.

(After we explained that baby can’t be home alone, but has to go to kindergaten too) 

– So who will fetch baby from kindergaten?

– If we have busy things at work to do, so we can’t.

– But someone has to fetch baby from kindergaten, we can’t leave baby there.

(After a little brainstorming)  – So Bum’s wife can do that, then.

You see, he’s a true family guy now. It’s so surprising for me to see that he has already see himself as a guy who will one day have a wife (well, even out of necesity of needing some extra one to fetch his baby sister from kindergaten). But isn’t it a healthy thing that a 4 year old see his future in a family with equal number of female and male, and himself in a relationship with his wife?

And surely he’ll make a great husband, as he can now already wash dishes with soap, rinse and put them orderly on the drying rack. (By the way, when Mr. Bear was told about this detail, he immediately announce loudly that :I CAN do that too, emphasizing CAN, and not ‘do’)

I see that with a 4 year old, you can have a decent conversation too, and with room for negotiating:

– I think it’s enough of watching cartoon. Shall we turn off tv now?

– I can see a bit more and then we can do that.

And there was no whining, no crying, shouting or rolling on the floor. I learn that I need to show respect to someone, even at the age of 4. And it’s so fair, isn’t it?

We were playing volleyball with a baloon. It was super fun, for him, of  course, but surprisingly for me too. And he was so much keen in it. We were sweating all over, and had to take some break, and discuss how his two small ankles were so tired from running too much.

– But they’ll stop hurting after they rest a bit, Bum explain to me,  and then we can continue playing sport.

Unfortunately, I had to sit down to have a lengthy dinner with the other grown-up, and Bum was requesting: You can eat fast and after you’ve finish eating, you can play sport with me, will you.

But once I’m with other adults around, I’m an adult too, and I almost forgot the little man who was waiting patiently, and running around pretending that he was superman.

Anyway, it made me think aferwards, if I’ll get on well with kids, and understand them and respect them as kid, but forgive and tolerate them as an adult. I think I can do that, if I just listen to myself, and I’m quite surprised, maybe I’ll even enjoy doing that too.

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