BBQ – Fake-dog meat style

I was told about a boycott against Vietnamese community in Warsaw before involving dogmeat. Vietnamese people eat dogmeat, that is the rumour, but the horrible thing to Westerners is that this activity may happen in their own land. What if they use dog meat in their restaurants (Vietnamese restaurants are everywhere and they are to some extent, popular and cheap)? Does it mean that the springrolls (Saigonski) they serve to me can contain some part of the cute puppy? No, I’d rather not touch their food.

So that was the way Polish people think when they colectively stop going to Vietnamese restaurants, thinking dogmeat could be a cheap substitute to other type of meat. The truth couldn’t be any further from that.

Mr. Bear was told many times about the magical addictive power dogmeat has over Vietnamese people. He was told that dog meat has such a divine good taste that Vietnamese people would not by any means give it to any one who does not appreaciate such a delicacy. He believes the addiction, but not yet the delicacy….

Until he tried the ‘fake-dog meat’ style BBQ.


For those who are still skeptical of the phrase ‘dog meat’, this is purely pork, not even a fur of any dog envolved. The difference between dog meat and non-dog meat, for me lies in the marinate mixture. Galanga and lemongrass minced, turmeric powder, a bit vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar and the most important ingredient is the extremely smelly shrimp paste or fish paste (mam tom/ mam nem) mixed together.

The meat should be marinated for some time, to make sure the flavour have time to soak in. I added the smelly fish sauce last, knowing that Mr. Bear would escape from the house had he detected this smell.

The verdict?

The ‘doggie’ taste was quite distinguishing for me, even in this fake version. And the anti-dog meat person commented that it tasted ‘really very good’, and even insisted on eating it with the sweet basil leaves (which is the company to real dog meat). The fact that the bad-smell fish sauce (which resemble ‘trash after 3 days’, according to him) was present in the dish didn’t seem to be any hindrance at all for him in consumming this new Vietnamese delicacy. And when I was planning what to cook for the next summer party of the neighbourhood, he ordered eagerly  ‘What about the ‘dog meat styled’ grill?’

Whenever anyone of the Vietnamese group in Oslo comes back to Oslo from Vietnam, the one and only request about ‘home-food’ is dog meat, carefully disguised to escape Norwegian custom officers. The feast would be announced among men only with the code ‘Real time control’ (RTC = ruou thit cho) to exclude women from participating. I’m just wondering if next time I should register Mr.Bear to join the Real time control event too?

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