Gardening, sushi and chocolate mousse

We’re working on our little garden a bit from time to time.

garden 006

That ‘chain saw’ device is lent to us from our neighbour. It was nice of them but I’d never buy such a horrible tool myself.

garden 007

By the way, you can also see Mr. Bear’s cacti collection here. His dream is to make two green house for them. Hmm… so what about the garden?

We have a blackberry plant in the corner. It makes lots of fruits.

mumbirthday 006

But they’re sour.


We saw a big and coulourful rainbow the other day from our office window. Here, you can have a short glimse of how our neighbour’s roofs and the top tips of our two fur trees look like, hehe.


My two pieces of sky do not look the same in colour but the rainbow was really very strong.

Autumn has come with the dark orange lantern flowers

sushi 027

And lantern shaped coffee mareng also has come to my kitchen.


These mareng remind me of naked statues in Vigeland park. I should come back there sometime to smell the roses.

mareng 2

One evening I was too lazy to cook, so we had sushi.


It should never be a problem to find salmon in Norway. This is the smoked salmon. I wrapped the bamboo matress in cling film for the ease of cleaning.


Some sticky rice, salmon, cucumber, and nori, and you have dinner. Should I call it fast-food sushi?


I also tried out the recipe for chocolate mousse in the old cook book. It’s a no-bake, no-chill, no-added sugar one. But you can of course chill it if you want.

cold chocmousse

The ingredients are 2 eggs, 100g chocolate, about 200 – 300ml heavy cream (I used the rest of cream I had left in the carton so I’m not quite sure how much I put in), vanilla and liquer if you want. Melt the chocolate, set aside, beat the egg foamy to sterilize over a (hot) water bath, mix the egg and the chocolate. Beat the cream stiff, fold into the chocolate mixture. Add flavour. Serve. Simple as that.


If you are in a good mood, have a bit time, and a piping bag, you can pipe some rosette chocolate mousse into the mug. I think they can hold shape pretty well, although I used clear glass cups to house them.


Feel free to have a try.


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