It’s not today, today I feel kind of ‘autumn sad’, because I’ll miss a hytta weekend with the VNese group, which promises lots of good food. And it was not nice of me to withdraw at the last minute. For those who are wondering what ‘hytta’ is, it’s a kind of small wooden cottage for holiday or weekend in the mountainous or seaside area. Norwegian is crazy about going and stay in their hytta during holiday, which is rather anti-social, because these hytta place are often isolated from surrouding civilization.

Anyway, I can suck it up. As well as some chicken green bean porrige for my breakfast (by the way, I didn’t know that green bean, or mung bean cook really much faster than I thought if soaked beforehand).

I’m having a check-up this afternoon, nothing serious, and after that, maybe I’d go somewhere (without buying anything) to change the air a bit. You know, I’m feeling kind of sad a bit today. Maybe to the Vigeland park, and see if there is any roses left.

Mr. Bear came back from Poland yesterday. It was only one-day trip and we missed each other dearly. But the truth is that you often miss the other one most on the first day. Anyway, the result of his missing me is a new amber necklace. He bought necklace for me from time to time, and now I have quite a number of nice necklaces which I never use.

We visit a cacti-grower the other day. It was out of  Oslo, near the Santa Claus village (don’t panic, Santa Claus lives pretty close to Oslo). I remember a lonesome tree in the meadow as I drove past the last time. And this time this tree was still there. So it deserves a little celebration.

heer 005

heer 007

heer 008

heer 006


Yes, I told you, I was half-baked.

The meeting with the cacti-grower was nice. He from German, his wife from France, and the boxer dog from Norway. Each of us come from a different country. They have a very nice garden, great house, in a beautiful area. It makes Mr.Bear started a campaign about moving further from Oslo. I haven’t approved.

I haven’t baked any cake recently. Don’t really miss it, because I was turning to make other types of dessert. And I was learning norwegian. This morning I have registered for the test, the highest test foreigner can have to qualify their norwegian command, I think. Going to be tough.

I visited a second hand bookstore and I bought some nice books (in norwegian), so there’s no shortage of things to read. I can buy some plants for the garden too, and tidy a bit more, perhaps.

But today, I’ll just bake a chocolate cake, make a chocolate ganache, go to Vigeland and smell some roses, take some autumn pictures, maybe. And swallow my autumn half-baked-ness.


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