Hardcore Chocolate Cake

It doesn’t mean that this choc cake is hard in the middle. It means that it’s highly chocolaty. I’m not a fan of chocolate, unlike my hubby, but from time to time I find it exciting to create something out of this substance.

Especially something shiny.


It is, in fact, not a Sache cake, but it looks quite similar to one. And as I always like to write this word upon my cake, I used this chance. Mr. Bear asked me what this word means, and after I answered him that it means not much, he was quite bewildered.

This time I suceeded in resgisting the temptation to layer and stuff some cream inside this cake. And the result is that it remain a true chocolate piece of being, both inside and outside.



Being uni-colour is not always that boring, isn’t it?


It doesn’t completely taste like cake for me, it tastes like you’re biting into a soft chunk of chocolate, smooth and creamy outside on the ganache and soft, melting inside in the cake. A strong dose of chocolate, indeed.

Recipe can be found on http://www.insanitytheory.net/kitchenwench/chocolate-confessions/. This blog always turns me green with envy over great pictures.


2 thoughts on “Hardcore Chocolate Cake

  1. Looks lovely. I made one on my last birthday, but did not take pictures.
    Em viết chữ sô cô la bằng cách melting rồi cho vào túi khi còn ấm rồi viết hả em?

  2. dạo này chụp ảnh đẹp thế, cuối tuần này chị phải làm 2 bánh sinh nhật, chắc cũng định làm 1 cái sô cô la cho con trai và 1 cái chiffon cho con gái. Bánh này ăn ngon kg? Cho chị công thức nhé? Chị định vẫn kem bơ thôi, nhưng có trang trí sô cô la.

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