If you read my Half-baked entry, you’d know that I have just got a new amber necklace as a present from Mr.Bear. It was not by chance that it was amber.

Amber is the well-known jewel of Poland, in Gdansk there is even a museum about amber – which we have already visited. And if you visit Poland, everywhere you’d find souvenirs made of amber. Well, actually, a girl form Lithuania said to me once that amber is also the famous jewel of her country. So I’ll make the conclusion that in the eastern part of Europe, amber is a shared treasure. Mr.Bear is a traditional guy, so I’d be surprised if he’d choose a different jewel for me.

amber 010

There are many different shades, colour and looks of amber, ranging from dark red to white, blue or green. They can be transparent, with insects trapped inside or creamy. Beside its decorational function, amber is believed to have some health benefit too. I’m not sure if this has any scientific proof, but according to Polish people, mine salt – which they also have abundant of – has some medical effect too. So following this threat of thinking, what we have a lot must be of use in some way.

This is the second amber necklace I got from Mr.Bear. The first one I got when we met for the first time. I also got one from his aunt. So now I have 3 amber necklaces. And not sure if that’d be all.

amber 002

I don’t know if they’re really good for health, but looks nice in the sun, isn’t it?

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