Autumn my oh my – Vigeland roses

Vigeland park is the first place I’d recommend for someone visiting Oslo. The second place would be Bygdoy with the whole bunch of museums. I went to Vigeland park the other day to smell the rose. And lucky me, there was a man playing amazing ghitar there. Nice weather, relaxing area, and music in the air, I felt almost like in a romantic movie. But in the inner part of the park, away from this musician, was some amateur player, with the purpose of begging for money more than playing the music. It was a true torture of the ears. Luckily, there were masses of roses to soothe me from this sonic challenge.

From the grand gate of the park, which is always open and free of charge, you go through this green-roofed path to get to the center of the park.


Greeting from some cute bunches of pink roses, so happy in the September sun.


Or standing alone, big and proud.


This type of rose has the sweetest fragrant, perhaps due to the fact that they are rather robust, too.


A warmer shade of pink, pretty from any angle.


Some are tinted with fire colour.


Some are lotus-wanna-be and are no happy with just one colour.


Some choose to be just plain yellow


Some go to the extreme of blood-red


But some shy white ones are to be found too. I wonder if these can be used for making children’s coughing syrup. We did that in Vietnam, at least.


Like baby’s toes. Isn’t it cute?


Some just seem very lady-like


Double-petaled roses




Of course, all of them has names.


I want to be a bee. I can smell that fragrant from my screen.


But remember, it’s autumn. You can hear them withering


And falling for the long winter sleep


Autumn has already taken over the creeping plants


People come here for picnic and beer too.


And these giants look very suffering for your entertainment


From above


This is only a part of the park. Many main attractions are not described here. So if you want to see all, you have to come here by yourself. Green grass, roses, lots of dogs and babies running around, lots of naked bodies (but no sexual arousal, unfortunately) to look at. It’s worth a visit.


2 thoughts on “Autumn my oh my – Vigeland roses

  1. Em ơi, cứ định hỏi em mãi rồi quên, trong photoscape em làm thế nào để chế độ macro nổi lên hẳn, chị nhớ có bức ảnh nào đó em chụp mà bông hoa nổi hẳn lên khỏi cái nền mờ nhạt ấy. Chị đoán là vào Editor rồi vào Filter à? Nhưng tìm mãi kg biết là effect nào. Hay là layer? Nhìn lại ảnh hoa hồng em chụp vẫn đẹp quá. 🙂

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