Green tea marble cake & the Ugly chocolate pear tart

Let me first admit that neither of these two cakes was a success for me. What I show here rather is a journal of baking experience for myself and reminders for those who share the same interest.

Matcha green tea marble cake


The problem with this cake, as can be seen here is overbaking. Therefore it has dried up a bit when out of the oven. It was not my fault, actually. I followed the recipe very strictly. And it was also not the fault of the recipe, either, as she is an awesome, world-famous baker, whose blog and recipe you can find here:

I think the reason was that the size of her cake form was smaller than mine, and there for after the same amount of time, her cake turned out gorgeous and mine burnt.

mabled slice

Anyway, I’d not complain as this burn is still acceptable , not counting that the brown edge did add some contrast to enhance the visual effect. The cake contains in the white part white chocolate, but for me the flavour was not noticeable, so feel free to omit this ingredient. About the taste, a bit dry and rough texture due to the overbaking, and in generally not any different from the normal green tea cake.


The fun part of a marble cake is always when you see how the marble pattern turn out. This is my first marble cake, and I quite enjoyed seeing the different parttern at different intersection of the cake. How to create the marble effect? Pour coloured batter in layers, one white, then one green, then white again. Often it is recommended to run a knife through the layers but I didn’t as I like the coulours to stay more separate from each other. This cake is very simple and is a good match for a cup of tea.

The ugly chocolate pear tart – There’s no chocolate named Ugly, it’s the tart.


I guess Eva must have been thought of as the most beautiful woman on earth by Adam, simply because he had no other to compare her with. I wish it was the same with my pear tart, but unfortunately, there was always the cookbook.

I tried to make both of these cakes due to the temptation after seeing the beautiful pictures of them. The green tea was not too bad, but this one is truly a far cry form the original version. Why? I used a much smaller tart form, there was no room for organizing the pear, and the visual effect was broken. Also, my filling was rising more than  it should. I had to console myself that at least it didn’t taste too bad, although it was a bit wet in the middle.


There was one more contradiction in this tart too. The shell was in fact, protected by the filling, as the shell by itself is so extremely soft, it was indeed fragile. It breaks at the touch of your bite. I was a bit irritated by this un-manliness, I think I’m still somewhat traditional toward the ‘masculinity’ of the tart shell.


I know, I know, I should post the recipe, but I’m just so lazy. Perhaps when I finally make something closer to what it shown in my cookbook, I’d have enough pride to type the recipe here.

Friday is always my blogging day, as I have free time. Right now I have a two layer mousse cake to be photographed, and (sigh) I’m always a crap at table setting, that’s why many of my cake just sit in plain white background. But this mousse cake, you’ll have to wait, as next week will be a bit crazy.


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