Banana Berry Mousse

Endelig er jeg tilbake! (Finally I’m back!)

I have been boycotting blog, internet and email for a week or more because I had to prepare for the Bergen test. If you plan to live and work in Norway, sooner or later you’d think about taking this test. It’s a kind of TOEFL or IELTS test for Norwegian, only more expensive, because it’s Norway!!! It has the reputation to be very hard, which scared the hell out of me. But in fact, not so hard. Hmmm, hope it’s not that hard as to fail me, anyway.

I’m done with it now, just waiting for the result, but what does it mean? It means I’m almost done with going to Norwegian courses, almost. Now I’m going to a course which instead of taking money from me, gives me money, however, very little compared to the sum taken from me before. That’s why I’m so dedicated to it and even am willing to stay away from blogging because of it.

Anyway, enough of blah blah blah, here’s the deal.


Sometimes when I like to have some thing cake-like for dessert, but don’t want to eat a cake, I make mousse. It means that I have to be very patient, because mouse, especially layered mousse does takes time. As can be seen, the first layer, which is the banana mouse, didn’t set at all 😦 due to my mistake in corporating the gelatine and the banana mixture. Always mix the gelatine in a warm mixture, enough warm to melt the gelatine thoroughly, or else the gelatine will crumble and it won’t set.

So, that’s it. I’ll have to bake some thing abundant soon as Halloween is coming and there will be some demonds and monsters knocking on my door for cookies and chocolate by the end of this month. Last year I didn’t know what to expect, so quite many devils were kept hungry and empty-handed. What a sin! This year, I hope the Lords of darkness would be happier.

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