A day with Photoshop tutorial

It has been somewhat interesting and useful, though not as much as it could have been, as I’m a total greenhorn with photography. Today I have been messing with only Photoshop tutorial, as that’s what I have on hand. So far, all of my pictures on this blog are taken from the same camera, and (some are) edited roughly by only one button (Image) in Photoshop. Yet I could see some huge difference between the Before and After versions. So, before making the expensive decision of buying a new, hi-class camera, I think it’s more sensible to consider buying (or downloading a pirate version) of Photoshop.

After today, I realized a couple of things about Photoshop:

– I have always been doing the bad practice when editing: destructive editing – that is damaging the original image with my edition. My excuse is: what’s the matter, it’s just for fun.

– Photoshop has so much more than the button Image, today I learnt about tools like brush, and layer. I’m so ashamed to not have used these popular tools before. I’m still very scared of Curved though.

– I’ll not have to depend on Photoscrape for the blurring effect. Blur effects in Photoshop are much more controllable.

– The type of intelligence with Photoshop is (almost) merely about the brutal quantity of knowledge about its functions and where to click for which. Today, my Photoshop intelligence increased a wee bit.

– It doesn’t help to read ten books, it helps to have your Photoshop window open along side with the tutorial. Click something and hopefully it’d gradually become friendlier to me. Most of the time what you created after your clicking is something looking horrible and seems like it’s completely wrong. But have faith, it’s not that screwed up.

– My intention with Photoshop is not that ambitious, I don’t aim at creating something which was not originally there. I only want to make my pics less horrid, and more natural looking. With that in mind, only good pics get better. So i guess I’ll have to follow the section about taking pics too. But here’s the most fun.

Well, that’s quite an useful wasted day. By the way, the good news is I have some free money in my account, from this stupid course I’m taking. Not enough for surviving, just enough for some silly happiness.


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