White Christmas

This is my first white Christmas, in Oslo, and ever.

The first snow fall was in October. I was on the way to make shopping, and the whole space between heaven and earth was suddenly filled with flying white flakes as if it was in a slow-motion movie. It was so so romatic and beautiful, even though I was alone on the empty dusky road. I couldn’t help to think about the Snow white fairy tale, and understand why the queen chose such a name. It was like the whole universe was dancing in a swirling walzts of nature. Snow sets the Christmas mood in place. It was only October then but looking at shopping lights and the falling snow, I was telling myself: Christmas is coming.

Now Christmas is on the way out, but the white snow covering every roof and treetop makes the holiday’s atmosphere linger on.

Snow in my neighbourhood (from the path in front of my house)

Snow makes trees looks like toy trees in window display. My neighbours still have all their twinkling lights in place. We had none – to save some electricity, hehe.

You may like the scenery, but on the practical side, beauty is not free. Just look at the almost-one-meter snow in our back garden.

The one who did the labour was of course the man in the house – mr. Bear.

This is in our front yard. I called him my hero (to motivate him to do the hard job, hehe) as I couldn’t get out of the house without having to ‘swim’ through this snowfield.

Shoveling the snow – Mr. Bear in action.

Rose hips of neighbor under frost.

My red shopping trolley on the snow-filled path.

I made this cake for the Christmas party, but it was a bit damaged on the transport. The audience didn’t mark a thing anyway.

Mr. Bear with the cake in front of the Christmas tree in Oslo central station.


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