Nut bread and Blue cheese

I know I promised a recipe for orange cake but right now, I’m listening to Coldplay so I’ll not be enough focused to type the recipe here. So something easier instead.

I made this bread a while ago, not out of a love for bread, but because we had nothing for dinner then. The bag of dry yeast was open and I needed only half of the bag, so that fit well. But for this reason, I suspected that the yeast was not as powerful as it should have been. This bread showed some texture problem very early on. I blamed the half-dead yeast, but maybe I shared some of the responsibility for my lazy kneating.

Fortunately, this bread was paired with blue cheese.

Blue cheese is Mr.Bear’s favourite cheese. I used to be intimidated by its mouldy appearance, but if you are glued to a person on a 24/7 basis, you’ll start to merge with his interests. So I took a nip or two from time to time. And now I can say that I’d rather eat blue cheese rather than yellow cheese. But not ricotta, not yet.

A slide like this could means a meal to me now.

By the way, if you’re wondering which song of  Coldplay I’m listening, I’d recommend Yellow, The scientist, In my place, Fix you, Trouble. I got to know Coldplay thru my brother. At some moments in my life, he was the only source of joy in the world, my life-saver, my best friend, though he never knew that.

And maybe I was the same for him too, at some moments in his life.

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