New York Cheesecake, blood orange and a left-over-pineapple cake

This is the end of my first week working in kindergaten. I was longing for the weekend, oh so nice, it is here finally. You only understand fully the importance of weekend when you have a full time job, and this is my first 9-5 job, or more exactly 8:30 – 4:00 job.

I’m not planning to make this entry all about my new job, in fact it was not really a job, let’s call it a practice place, but for me it’s not so big different, I work there. I met a colleague from my Master class who starts to work in this same kindergaten as a supporting pedagogist, which means she must have way higher salary than me, work less than me, maybe. To be honest, I feel a bit (in fact, quite much) envious with people who has the same starting point as me, but seem to end up in a much higher position.

But weighing the situations, I’d not exchange mine for her, by any means. She has looooooooooooong travel to work, is a single mum, and working with disable children. I have less than 5 minutes walk to work, great family life, and very cute children to work with. To be politically correct, I have nothing against disability, but it’d not be my natural choice. And anyway, I’d not end up in this situation forever. It is meant to be a stepping stone, and anyway, every single of us work up our own way in life. Money is not the ultimate goal and envy is a bad policy, I told myself many times, and will have to repeat that to myself many more times as I see people surpass me.

Ok, so this entry is supposed to be about cakes, because it’s Friday evening, and I have to do something completely selfish, and think only about myself. I made this New York cheesecake before I started this work, my first baked cheesecake ever. Normally I don’t like the taste of creamcheese, that’s why I was never excited in making cheesecake, nor curious about them. But this cake is not so scary, as it has more than just creamcheese inside. I think I can eat it again.

The ugly cut in the middle of the cake is when I stuck a knife into it to test if it was done. It was completely not needed as it could be told from the texture of the cake. Normally, you’d be told that the cheesecake is done when the midle is still a bit wobling. This one rose skyhigh like a true cake, and has a light spongy feel to the shake, so it should be done. I was silly to stick a knife into it anyway.

This cake doesn’t need to be treated delicately either in the cooling process. It sank slowly, leaving a risen ring on the edge. I didn’t coat the baking form either, therefore the side of the cake was not pretty, but it was a durable cheesecake. That fits me. I don’t know if I over-baked it, but for me the golden colour on the top was just lovely. Had I taken it out earlier, it’d not have such a nice colour.

I can’t help saying again that I love red oranges, for their unusual colour. And the bloody red parts has a mild strange taste of … dark wood to me. I wanted to pair the orange as a decoration to the cheesecake in someway.

But as baked cheesecake has a rusty feel, it’s not easy to pair it with fresh fruits in an incoporated way. So I tried to whiten the cake a bit with powder sugar.

I tried arranging the orange sections on top of the cake but it looked totally painful like a forced marriage almost. So I sighed and admit that this countryside thing can only take very little ornaments, if it is to feel comfy in its own skin. Or else you’ll have to cover it up with whipped cream, but a combination of cheesecake and whipped cream sounds too much lipity, and for me it’s a promising recipe for upset stomach.

So this is how it was ended.

And I had to be contented with the rest of blood orange just on display on a different plate.

Cowardly as I am, I’d not take any responsibility for the fact that you might want to try this cheesecake and fail, as the link to the original recipe is Here is also very nice trick of stamping the cake with cacao powder, simple but stylish deco, no blood orange involved.

As I mentioned in the title there is a pineapple cake in this entry too. I juiced the pineapple and made the leftover flesh into a cake. But it was too wet and a failure, but it has a nice layer of pineapple sauce on, and the recipe should be correctable, as I’d be juicing pineapple again.


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