Greentea Biscotti

It’s almost the end of Easter holiday. I have no clear plan of what to be done, but feeling something missing. Is it because mr.Bear had to sit most of his time at the computer? Is it because I haven’t baked anything? Is it because I haven’t lied in a candle-lit bathtub?Or because we haven’t visited Ulvøya? We haven’t seen a movie together? I haven’t wrote enough? Read enough?

It’s frustrating a bit not knowing what you feel lacking in your vacation.

You don’t plan how you feel, you can’t plan what will happen …. I hate it.


Here is some biscotti, i forgot the dried apricots, but the main point was that it was green tea biscotti.

It was surprisingly difficult to choose a good angle to shoot, to show that they are biscotti, and they are green.

And they are in a chinese tea mug, with some chinese writing downwards and a red stamp which I don’t understand what the hell it says.

Is it because I want to do things for the house in the vacation, and things for myself, and things for us all in the same time?

Is it because I want too much?

Is it because I’m still so childish?

People should live in the moment, and with some commonsense, you know.


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