Me – Revisited

OMG can’t believe I had so much time before. To bake, to take pics, to edit them on Photoshop, and to write about them. I almost forget that I was so keen in baking. What this baby has done to me? By the way, Photoshop did wonder, and some of my pics did look quite nice.

I miss having time for myself. I want to have a vacation. I miss being alone … for a while.

I miss writing, i want to write a diary, cause I have so much thoughts running thru my head that are worth noting down. But at the same time I know I can’t afford a diary. I don’t have that time.

I miss daydreaming, I miss thinking something seriously. I miss using my head.

I miss listening to music on Youtube. Our internet is too slow for youtube now. I miss watching documentaries on NRK. Same reason: slow internet.

I miss going to second hand bookshops and Fretex.

I miss having my own room.

I miss strolling in library and search for books.

But now I’m doing something very stupid, that is sitting here to write these things instead of going to sleep.




2 thoughts on “Me – Revisited

  1. I do not dare to revisit myself some time like now, when the living conditions have changed so much that living with my old self will surely be dangerous. I have tested this philosophy today, and suffered from it for the rest of the day. You used to say “identity” is not fixed. It must change according to the circumstances. I used to respond that “but basically we are still the same”. I don’t know whether what I said is true, even now. Will we be changed into boring people who cannot do what we really desire?
    I had an aunt who is in your situation. Whenever I visited her in Melbourne, I noticed the righteousness of the husband. I like both of them, but I hate the pressure he created as a breadwinner on her as a housewife. She is too smart to be treated like that and she could find a job if she wants. I thought then that an understanding man would have other ways to show his strength. Of course, I do not associate this behavior with his love for his wife.
    It will be over soon, dear, when Nhim can go to day care.

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