Fast internet

back to the fast/normal/how-it-should-be internet, which allows me to watch videos.

tremble to hear some familiar voices: Michael, Corinne bailey Rea, Resta Qui like old friends who are always there for me, be alone with me.

I love being in this mood, like drunk, when you are too sentimental, which is now rather a luxury. Am I still so dreamy person, after all?

love to hear romance whispering in my ears, knowing it’s for nothing, but still want to hear. Girlish. Typical. You’d say. But don’t you love girls for that?

All this sitting late into the night, listening to soft ballads seems to bring me back to my old self, at least part of it. Detached from my daily life, back into my own world. Why are we all so lonely? And at the same time embrace this loneliness so much? Siping it, … slowly, … enjoying it… (Now it’s Adele – Make you feel my love) i love the violin…

I’m thinking of you, if i was a lesbian, I’d love to live with you.

But maybe God is right, keeping everything in balance, noone should be too happy, nor unhappy (well there is exception), and wouldn’t it be too much crazy when there’s too much love in the air.

I like the honesty in Adele’s voice here. Why is it too often so hard to be honest? Are we so damn coward? calculating? skeptical? Why T.E. even doesn’t dare to says his opinions? I love Bunny for the opposite, … maybe. At least it makes me comfy.

I’ve grown into a much bitter person now. But when we are really old and think back at our life, all experiences in the end are good experiences, isn’t it? Because it happened.















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