I think women are more women when they get married, and even more when they become mother. Like the next layer of ripeness.

I think before these milestones, women are more like girls than women. Well, nothing wrong with that, but you miss out quite much of experiences life can offer. Like experiences of what it’s like to live with a man.  It’s a kind of experience you will never know if you don’t try. Seeing your guy who FORMERLY well-dressed, well-shaven, well-showered wandering in your room in wrinkled short pants. And he snores! And throws old socks, old newspapers, books, bills, etc on your floor, and completely shocked how can you be so crazy about tidying. What’s the big deal, honey?

It’s interesting hearing his opinions. They sound horrible at first. You can never come up with that thought yourself. But after years, you catch yourself thinking the same, and it’s oh-so-natural. You become like a man! You got into his world. Or his world transformed you.

I think it’s an amazing mental trip, isn’t it, living with a man – someone so different from you, yet evolves you to a level you will not attain by living on your own or only with girls like you.

I think we women love men because we  never really understand  them fully. And because we can never change them, those silly, hard-headed beings. How much better place the world would be if they ever listen to our sound advice. But they make us understand just how womanly we are. On a thin line.




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