My hubby got a new job, now he is an architect/manager. He’s pleased, but even more pleased to know during the applying process, his IQ is among top 2% of educated people. Well, as he always says: It’s very important to choose a good husband. Bring an IQ test to your blind date next time.

Nhim is very interested in playing puzzles now. She plays everyday, and one after another. But those with 45 – 50 pieces are too difficult for her. Her dad, starts to suspect that she’s a talented child. Hahaha…

I started my sewing machine.To my surprise, it hasn’t become an out of control passion yet. Good.

My hubby just finished (hopefully) one campaign against the Zen senter in Oslo. Another illusion broken. I hardly trusted any formal Buddhist org as always. He’s always a fighter for general justice, this time it was a good fight.

He’s starting to write a book, hmm, new game for him, and he’s obsessed. He needs to find something to be obsessed in all the time. This time it comes from the suspect that our child is … talented. Daddy paranoid, that their child somehow has to be a special one. So the title will be something like how to make marvellous kids. But I’m not frowning, as long as it turns attention on kids, it’s ok for me.

I’m reading ‘Paradise of the blind’. Shocked, but i love it. It’s so beautifully written. I lived again in VN, in the 80s, in the small details of everyday life and culture that now are lost. I worship and envy the author. One of the best books I come across in my life.



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