Having a baby is like sailing on a boat, you either sail or sink. You can not get on shore.

You only know if there\s something wrong with your child raising after 20 something years. And when the flaw can be detected, it\s already too late to fix it, or it is irreversible.

But most of us don\t know how to raise babies, yes babies. If you want to do a thing properly, it takes at least 10 times more time and effort than you are willing to pay for it.

We raise our baby without  TV, mobile phone, any electronic toy, anything that is overstimulating or automation.

canned food

sausages, sweet, chips

plastic bottles

flouride toothpaste

food with artificial colouring and preservatives

disciple training like sleeping alone

We try to have as few rules as possible, she can be dirty, she can be messy, she can be careless, but already we have many rules that are unusual but important that we stick to. Still we don\t know if it\s good enough.


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