What makes femininity? It’s the love for masculinity, simple as that. I can’t think up anything more than that.

Women are attracted to men, because the femininity in them is attracted to the masculinity in men.

Sometimes, or in fact most of the time, it goes blind.

Our femininity’s got no eye. So we’ve got to watch out .

There’s good masculinity and bad one too.

It’s your job to distinguish between them, your femininity’s job is to love, not to choose.

That’s why we love men with … well, mannish features, large jaws, bearded, deepset eyed.

We like well-built guys, tall, dark, rough guys.

We like guys who takes risk, dangerous guys, guys who talk wisdom,

And above almost all else, we like guys who can earn his money, guys who knows how to fight for his place in the world, he’s the survivor.

We like cold guys too, as long as we think (or rather imagine) that only we can melt his icy heart.

We like them, but we don’t want to be like them, no no, no beard or big muscles. We want to be attractive to them, petit and pretty.

We want to be feminine.

I think men understand their masculinity (or the lack of it) well. For women it sometimes takes a lifetime.



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