We are lonely in our existence.

We are alone the moment we were born, coming into a new world knowing no one,

and we are again alone the moment we leave this world, leaving all those we know behind.

And yet we don\t learn to be lonely, we don\t get used to being lonely which is in fact a natural state of being.

Because there\s no one other than you in your thoughts. I mean.

Hug it, love it.

It’s a good thing, a very good thing indeed to learn to talk to yourself.

You don’t need to do it outloud, otherwise people may think you’ve gone out of your mind.

But who else can be a better friend than yourself, or your diary.

Everyone dreams of a soulmate, someone to confide everything in the world to, But there’s always something you can not confide to your soulmate – how to cope with them.

With yourself, you can. Or almost always.

We’re social creatures. We perish being alone. But it’s a silly thing to rely all your happiness on others. Because then we’re vulnerable, because we have no control how others will treat us. One of the things I learn getting mature is to doubt.  I’m a pessimistic person, you know.

Somehow it’s safer to doubt and be prepared, than to shut your eyes blind and let’s hope.

My husband says hope is not a strategy, I agree with him.

We all the time seeks being with others. We can’t exist without them, but remember to give yourself the one thing you need, time ans a quiet place to have conversation to yourself.

For the only one who probably will never betray you, who will always cares for you, and be responsible for you, all your life, is just yourself.


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