The mystery

I’m not superstitious, and hardly religious either. But against what I believe or not, there is some mysteries in life that I can’t explain.

What about sweeping your hallway floor one day and found a ring which is:

not mine, but fit roughly my middle finger

looks to be of silver

a bit old fashion looking, not shiny and not well polished

has 3 small sparkling stones on the front which I suspect to be diamonds

has a sign 18KTRUE on the inside, this tips me this ring should be of value

has fine bay leave decorative pattern around the outside

has a I LOVE YOU embedded on the inside, which tips it is made for someone special

looks more like a wedding ring than engagement ring because of the small stones and smooth surface

How did this ring get into our house?

1st scenario: My hubby proposed/ married someone before. She broke up, throw this ring back at him. He keeps the ring as a reminder and travelled with it to our house.

Reality is: he denied ever saw it before (he has bad memory so this is questionable). When we married, he has the paper saying he has never married before and this paper has legal power so I’d not question that. And anyway, if someone really threw the ring back at him, I won’t mind having the ring with us as long as they already broke up. And just think of the 3 diamonds!!!

2nd scenario: someone who visited us lost their ring. Well. possible. But noone ever reported a lost ring to me. Moreover we don’t often have guests, and our guests rather have modern ring of gold or polished materials. And it’s not a big ring so it’s not easy to slip off the finger, specially when it’s not very polished.

3rd scenario: its aged appearance and old fashion style tips me it can be from generation of my hubby’s parents. But it can not be his parents’ wedding either as they are Polish and rather don’t have this I LOVE YOU in English on their ring. Also my hubby should recognize it if it was his parents’.

Well, so I have no idea how this ring appeared in my hallway. At first I was about to throw it away thinking it has to be a loosen technical part from some gadget as it looks a bit too thin and simple to be a ring.

But then I saw the stones, … and the 18KTrue, … and the ILOVEYOU … Hmm….

I like the I LOVE YOU.

Because the YOU are written a bit tinted and uneven, so it could be handmade and rather not by machine.

Someone could have made or decorated the ring by himself, because if the ring is of silver, it’d be soft enough for him to carve the letters and bay leaves decoration. Just think how he did it for the woman he loves. Wow, has to be a big love.

I don’t know who owns this ring, where it’s from or how it ended up in my house. But I like and appreciate the ring.

Maybe one day I’d by accident got to know, maybe never.

But if when I was 25, and would be willing to do anything to get an answer ‘why?’ , I now accept and feel lucky that sometimes a mystery happens to me.

And let it be.


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