Women, reflecting on myself, like pretty and petty things.

I was in Kremmehuset one day, when i overheard 2 women saying to each other: I like this shop a lot. And i wanted to shout to them: Me too!

My husband, in reply to my story, said he never understand why such an useless and boring shop hasn’t gone bankrupt. Who’d care about decorating candles, tissue, cushions, and all kind of such petty pretty things.

Before i got a boyfriend, this is how i dreamt my family would look like. We would:

have flowers on tables,

candles at dinner

some homemade curtain,

tidy rooms, of course, and clean too.

going out eating ice cream on Sat

have big dinner together when my hubby and kids will slurp my yummy food

travel on vacation to places like Paris, Spain, etc.

watch movies on weekends


How things are now, is:

smelly trash in kitchen

laundry basket always full

no one see why it’s needed to clean except when we have guest, then it’s frenzy cleaning.

you always know where things are as they’re always are on the floor, in front of your eye, and what’s the use of tidying when they’re back on floor after just 5 min.

we don’t watch TV at all for more than 1 year

we don’t travel, in fact we try to avoid travelling as it costs and it’s tiring.

we have ice cream machine at home but we rarely eat ice cream as hubby needs to lose weight:)

we rarely eat out as it costs here

the curtains are from previous owner of the house

we rarely eat together as my hubby finishes after 5 min and my baby 1 hour and I eat after them.

So, when we have time, like in weekend when we don’t have parties to go to, what we do together is:

small quarrels, but constructive ones, so it’s ok

playing some children games, drawing, chatting, reading books, puzzles, watching animals videos with Nhim


chat with hubby

go to museum, in fact the best moment i remember in summer is when we lied and almost fell to sleep under a huge tree in the botanical garden and my baby standing pooping at the bush nearby (she has diaper)

Dreams are like illusions we give up one by one with time.

All we have left to do, is not spending time and energy and get distracted by cleaning, washing, watching on some screen, going somewhere, busy with some plans, all those petty things that i supposed make up ‘being together’.

We simply be together,

talk together,

listen together,

think about what the others say,

look at one another,

physically and mentally close and focused,

and that’s enough of work to do.


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