The robot

It’s an extraordinary experience to live with and step into a man’s world (i.e. my husband). It feels like peeking into a foreign land, like exploring Mars.

Imagine a scenario where there is a mad scientist who shut himself in his den for some tens of years and one day he comes out and tells you: I’ve created a robot with so complicated brain that it can think like a human.

Then a man would probably say: Wow, how does it work?

And a woman would probably say: Wow, is it so advanced that it can have friendship with you?

The mad scientist would most probably pop his eyes out and utter in stupid astonishment: What?

In a way i admit it’s more fair from the very starting point to see things and people as they are the way men does. Well, it’s a robot, a machine, and it has this and that part and its memory has this and that capacity. They treat it in isolation from its surrounding environment, they don’t think of who is its owner, who it work for. They look at it from different angles, turn it upside down, open it up, assemble it again. And in the end feel very proud and amused: What a nice piece of machine!

Women, first of all, think how it can be used in relation to someone. Is it a nice robot, can it entertain people, can it be friendly or helpful? Can i share with it some of my secrets? If the robot is aimed for some bad purposes, like to make war or to do harm, then no. no, doesn’t matter how it works, that robot is for sure a horrible thing! Or if it can do things for you but it can not have ‘attachment’ to anyone at all, then hmm.. so it’s just a machine and that’s not interesting.

But later on, probably men will think about how to utilize the robot’s abilities to serve man’s own benefits. Somebody would fight to win over the ownership of that robot and make it work for him as his slave, make him a superpower boss or something. Women, if given a robot who can actually develop emotions, would probably take care to not hurt ’emotions’ of that robot, and therefore treat it as an equal to herself as possible or even fight for the robot’s right. If that’s a male robot, who in his design has some good male features, then most probably the woman would eventually fall in love with the robot and it’d end up a cheesy love story like in Hollywood movies.

I mean it’s a bit difficult for women to accept and appreciate the way men think because it’s just so different. There’s a lot of time when i think: my god, how can they possibly think like that. It works like this and that, ok, so what’s the point? And my husband: ‘What’s the point?’, it’s wonderful, just see how nicely it moves its tentacles, up and down, up and down.

But maybe it’s a .. quite important thing to know that they think in this ‘boring’ way. So that you can adjust your expectations accordingly.


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