I saw my mum and brother off today.

It was emotional for me privately.

It snowed, a lot of fluffy flakes flying slowly in the air, the kind of snow that you can see the crystals clearly when they land on your coat.

Like a thousand silent goodbyes. Surrounding us.

I saw the flybus that took them off my eye, thinking of the moment they will see below their wings the countryside landscape covered in green pine woods and snow. A land which is familiar to me, but not mine.

And them, back to the place where I don’t hold dear.

It was a blending of broken-hearted, moved, worried for the challenges in the future, disappointment that a big hope didn’t live up to the expectation, frustration from some stupid happening that will need to be dealt with.

Anything close from Vn often stir up too much and too strong emotions that is quite disturbing. The kind of feeling that i tried to escape years ago, knowing one day i’d have to turn back to face them, and fix them somehow.

Love hurts.


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