Rorogwela by Afuknawa

This song’s name is not Sweet Lullaby.
It’s Rorogwela.
This song is not by Deep Forest.
It is by Afuknawa, a woman from the Solomon Island.
Your culture treasure belongs to your people, Afuknawa.

I’m proud I still have CIE in my blood.

Here’s the cite from Youtube page:
Rorogwela is a lullaby that originated from North Malaita, Solomon Islands. The dancers are from a island from North Malaita called Funafou.

Lyric translation:
Rorogwela (Baegu)
Little brother/ sister, little brother stop crying, stop crying
Even though you cry, I’ll still carry you
Who else will take care of you, we’re now two orphans.

Little brother, little brother our mom & dad
Have died & now live on the island of the dead
From the island of the dead they still watch over us
Like royalty, taking care of us with all the wisdom of such a place.

Little brother, little brother, even in the garden
This lullaby continues in the different parts of the garden,
And even in each house visited, this lullaby seems endless,
Lullaby, little brother, little brother,
Even if you cry and cry, who else will carry you.

Oh, oh, my heavens, calm down, calm down now,
I’m just a child, what can I do with you?

Little brother, little brother, stop crying,
Our mother and father have died
Both of us are now orphans, little brother, little brother


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