What to improve with the second baby

Haven’t got it yet, but since there are ideas for it, so better note them down while i still remember.


Do some regular static exercise like yoga, low back exercise, go to swimming pool, at least i can lie on my belly and relax my back for a while.

Choline is good for baby brain, so eat egg often.

Register to give birth in Riks, for a change, I had bad experience with Ulleval last time.

Reduce sweet food from beginning, to prevent pregnancy diabetes.

Go to jordmor, my fastlege is not the best attentive one to pregnant patient.

Take extra ultra sound at week 12 (down syndrome) and close to due date to monitor morkake, water, position, cord.

Giving birth

Consider taking with me training ball to sit on while contractions, provide resting while still in sitting position.

Consider pain killer

Breastfeed 8 times per day, 1 hour each time, that’s 8 hours of work, the rest formula can take over. I’m not trying too hard this time.

Breastfeed in lying position, that way i don’t hurt my back.

Have ready the gummy shield for breastfeeding Mocala uses. Can help with sore nipples.

Have baby in bed with me as much as possible, even when she’s not nursing.

Move out to hotel or home as soon as it’s allowed. I hate staying in hospital.

Have someone with me as much as possible, husband or mum.

Screw all advisers, I know the best about my baby.

Remember to have diapers changed.

Home again:

Apply for NAV asap, and follow up. Some people need to be kept close eye on and ass kicked to get their job done.

Don’t be too mad about breastfeeding. Relax.

Buy Babybjorn or baby hanger to keep baby close to body and hands free.

Share bed with baby.

Consider if i need stellebord or not.

Have frozen food ready: precut vegies, pizza, sandwiches, frozen meals, ready warm food from Meny.

Frozen Vnese foods: spring rolls, dimsum, sprawns, fishcakes, seafood in freezer. I always crave something when it’s impossible to get.

Eat sesame paste daily.

Go out as much as i can.

The only thing i need to say to helsesoster is ‘Kjempebra’. They make more trouble than help.

Consider buying a carseat just to move baby around with me, going to toilet, kitchen, etc.

Don’t check percentiles or scale baby too often, just not to stress myself.

Buy only second hand clothes, if any.

Keep a functioning routine during day at least for me, sleep with alarm clock.  Get organized as soon as i can.

Use A krem often in case of eczema.

Remember baby cry often when they’re hungry, sleepy, wet diaper, take a walk if they don’t want to stop.

Train baby to get used to trolley early.

Don’t dress baby too cold, can get running nose -> difficult to breathe -> more crying. If baby have tett nose, use rolled tissues. Nose-suckers really just suck.

Watch out for milk getting into skin folds (behind ear, neck), can cause nasty sore.

Solid food

Try to follow some guidelines from Yourkidstable

Wait til baby are 6, 7  month for serious introduction. If baby doesn’t like, relax.

Don’t freeze baby food, it doesn’t taste good. Make once per day fresh.

Can try tutecup if baby doesn’t like spoon.

Give corn puff for chewing on.

Hobbies for mum

This emerged as important only after you got experience being a very bored and boring mum. Should be (at least a bit) fun for mum and safe for baby. House work and cooking, baby routine doesn’t count as hobby.

Reading: You need only one hand to keep the book. Try some novels, my favourite is French classicals.

Playing Kalimba. Need 2 hands but baby can like it enough to allow this. Good when baby is on tummy.

Train some yoga beside baby.

Baby lifting.

Crochet if baby allows (not sure).

Write something (diary, novels, poems, etc.) by pen and paper (no screen for baby sake). Choose some safe pen (not too pointed, not swallowable).

Draw/pain something (keep pen and eraser away from baby). (need a bit artistic baby to appreciate the process)

Bird-watching from window or in neighbourhood.

Collect and dry flowers, leaves.

Collect anything: sand, stone, magazine pictures, stamps, beans, pasta, seeds, hard fruits (keep out of baby reach, and have a good storage system.)

Grow sugar/salt crystals (no much happening but at least you know something IS forming)

Make pottery, animals, faces, stamp from flour dough. Can be fun for baby to look at an safe in case she puts it in her mouth. (utensil out of reach or in closed box)

Learn to sing opera (horrible for neighbours, nice for baby)

Listen to opera, classical music and dance (carefully) with baby.



Insect hunting in the neighbourhood.

Grow something in small pot (which is ok if dies) like grass seeds, bird seeds, beans.

Face mask with yoghurt, honey, etc (quick and easy to apply and wipe off)

Learn a language, e.g. Polish (useful – i can understand what Nhim and my husband speak)

Make picture/mosaics of torn paper (rather safe for baby – in the worst case, she’d get a bit fibre to digest, only not very safe from baby)

(to be cont. if i think up any other ideas)

When Nhim was little, everyone says she’s so cute, only i had problem seeing it. The only thing i remember about that period was : HORRIBLE. I cried some good bucket of tears. After 3 years,  I have forgoten enough about how it was to have a newborn, so that I stop to be scared looking at newborn pictures, and i even think they’re so cute. I saw Nhim’s baby pictures again and realized she was indeed a very cute baby. It was a loss because i couldn’t enjoy her babyhood. Hope next time i will do better and relax more. I hope Nhim will help with entertain the baby. For her it must be another fascinating toy.


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