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We have also a small fight at home. But that can wait and can be put aside, for now.

Sometimes people seize fire not because they have reconciled with each other successfully, but rather because the situation calls for it.

We were sitting at half past midnight last night, biting fingernails, speculating what will be the fate of those protesters on Independence Square in Kiev. Will the troops be sent to kill them all, like what happened in Thien An Mon?

It’s a bout 3 hours flight from here, and people are fighting and getting killed.

What are my worries for tomorrow: clean clothes for Nhim for kindergarten, lunchbox.

My husband’s: catching train to work, solve his task, not be late on meetings, anti-slippery socks …

Suddenly all those daily worries become so stupid and shamefully trivial.

3 hours flight from here, people don’t care for lunchbox, clean clothes, punctual meeting or slippery socks. They’re dying for their own future.

What do wives and mothers of those people feel, knowing their loved ones are risking death? And the same for wives and mothers of the police who are sent to fight with them.

Everyone dies one day. It matters what you die for.

What those policemen are risking thier deaths for? Are they fighting for an even gloomier future for their children? A worse life for their own country? Who are they dying for? A guy who sits in the leader chair rather than their own children and families? What’s the point, men?

I know police people are trained to obey orders. But it’s sad thinking that they still do have a brain in their head, just not allowed to use them.

We all comment our shock and disgust on violence. We hope we only see them from screens and remain spectators. We don’t want it to happen right on a square in our own cities. But what if Ukraine becomes a part of Russia again, then Poland and all the surround lands stand a risk that this violence can reach out to them, too.

Europe is small. It’s really difficult to find a good place to live, indeed.


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