Dreamy mum

Can’t help thinking the other day that women who have too complicated soul, too passionate about things they like, think too much, dream too much, too sensitive, have too many hobbies, who constantly pick up new things they’d like to learn or to do, like me, in some aspects, make bad mothers.

Simply the number of things we like and have to do increase and increase, and the hours of the day stays the same, which means we either kill our dream or kill our duty.

Simple women who don’t have much to occupy their mind, just focus on what have to be done: housework, care for children, routine work. And basically that already takes up all the day. Jobs done and they’re happy.

I can’t switch into a simple happy woman. That’s my curse. I do hope my neglection from my duties can somehow be balanced with the quality of my attention when i do not neglect them. but i’m not sure if it’s a good enough excuse.

Self-discipline helps maybe, so that i don’t tip over to either extreme. Moderation. The old acrobatic work of walking on a fine line and trying to maintain a feeble equilibrium.


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