Quick note:

Having coo-coo can be sign of an extraordinary mind. This person often find himself/herself don’t fit to the ‘mainstream’ or social system, therefore often fall out of common structures like schools, don’t follow common codes of behaviours (of their circle), attract criticism, don’t fulfil common expectation,s, challenge authorities, value their own ideas over opinions of the flock, less successful on the ‘obvious’ pathway of life and may remain on the ‘outcast’ if they don’t somehow find their way back through window after being thrown out of the door.

This person often is curious, doubtful, interested in things others easily overlook, obsessed with details and can be extremely persistent.

This person may be quite straightforward (you won’t need to waste much neuron figuring out what they think or mean), honest, good-natured. They may seem introvert but can pour out an astonishing deal if they meet a suitable listener.

But often they have some traits of brittle, sensitive personality which can be tricky/difficult to put up with. They don’t need to be very stable and may easily tip over and roll downhill (and stay there in the abyss) when tumbled on incidents which others ‘average’ can manage well.

Stable, loving, attentive, and supportive close environment such as good parents, grandparents, spouse can play a vital role in helping them to flourish and achieve the best of their talent, whilst the lack of such environment tends to do them greater harm than to ‘normal’ ones.



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