What I want to leave for my child(ren)

Still bothered by thoughts of death after the funeral …

i spend so much time everyday, and maybe a big part of it is pretty worthless in term of inheritance for my kid(s). And as I never know when I will die, better is to (at least try to) do something meaningful when i’m still hanging here.

So here is the list after browsing my categories:

– baking: good that i stop to be crazy about baking, pretty useless hobby actually, anyone can bake simple sweet treats now and then but I don’t expect her to be a conditor, or obese, or have diabetes.

– Biology: for sure she’ll be left with a lot of books, not only about biology, knowledge is important so if we want our kid to be intellectual, teach them, don’t expect others (school, peer, neighbour, TV, advertisement, Youtube, Facebook, etc.) to do the job for you.

– Crochet: useless. She’s not Marie Antoinette so she doesn’t need to be drown in lacy, fluffy stuffs all the time. Hmm, i’d need to cut down on crochetting (broken-hearted 😦 )

– Literature: this is important. need to make sure she read some classical ones both Vnese and international. People need some soul and ability to self-express through language. Not mentioning keeping a habit of reading (preferably paper books).

– Food: pretty important. It’s our culture, and maintaining health and family ritual. I’d like her to know Vnese cuisine, and eat healthy. She should be able to cook Vnese and Polish food, at least.

– People: she should be able to stay away from bad people and know how to identify them. And be selective about which traits she can learn from others. Keep analyzing people.

– Nature: She should at least be curious about nature and preferably spend pleasant time in nature. You learn about biology, rules of life, relax, etc. But she doesn’t need to be good with planting anything, (because I’m not either). Would be good if she learns the discipline to care for others (house plants and pets). So should I… ? Hmm…

– Music: important. It’s about the soul, being sensitive, keep away from commercial, aggressive, superficial pop culture. I’d like her to keep to classical, opera, ballet (but watching only).

– Norsk: there is not much special to learn from the Norwegian culture or lifestyle.

– Photography: don’t think she’d appreciate if i leave her my old tourist camera. Well, photography is a means rather than a goal. To learn to observe and express your state of mind. To appreciate beauty. I’d not emphasize the technical size of photography but travelling with a camera can be fun. Learn to stay focused too. And discuss afterwards the pictures we take. So maybe. But make sure it’s for yourself, not for impressing people on Facebook.

– Poland: very important, but it’s my husband’s job. She should speak, read and write Polish as well as Vnese. And have both identities. Lots of trips to Poland will do.

– Family: important to tell her the value of being in family, and having children. But it’s pretty natural by itself, i guess. Keep good rolle model. So better is to have another baby and be nice to hubby.

– Sewing: useless. 😦 my poor sewing machine.

– Diary: i’d like her to keep a diary and write something, make up stories. Writing is an important skill to straighten your thoughts. and reflect your life.

– Love: extremely important to know how to find a good partner and stay in good relationship.

– Work: i guess teaching of ethnic, moral, endurance, ambition here. But it’s pretty straightforward somehow. Ahh, of course also about money, saving. I’d like to leave her a house and some money, but she should be able to stand on her own feet and have her own job.

So, in short, money/house, language, knowledge, skill to deal with yourself, skill to deal with people, skill to set up family, to cook, to read, to entertain herself. Good that i haven’t done so many wasteful things so far. Will add more if think up something else.





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