Birthday party aftermath

Ok, so i finally managed to dig pics out of my husband’s mobil. Pretty convenient actually. But i still prefer my old tourist camera though.

The pics don’t look their best (excuses) because i forgot to take pictures almost at all. And when i did take those, it was bad light, i was exhausted and just want to get it done. So basically just to have a rough idea how it looked on the wall. And i didn’t fix them properly. So nothing artistic really.



I had 3 of those on the wall, pretty big ones. Kind of simple to make them, and a bit fun, as i even learnt a bit what some symbols mean.

The black dogs.


There were 2 of them each on one side of the pharaoh pic, but here it shows only one. I like the black dogs – some kind of god- as their statues were found in Tutankhamum’s tomb, mostly because it’s rather simple and quick to draw and their black colour cuts a distinctive figure on the white wall. Kind of standing out. I like their golden neck bands too. Gold on black is a good shimmering combination.

The mummy


This is my favourite, and it was the first pic.  I just followed the original picture so colour looks natural and real. If i would choose one to keep it should be this one. I was feeling almost like in the holy ceremony when drawing this, ‘I’m drawing the pharaoh, i’ve got to treat him with respect.’



It’s pity that this is a bad pic, as the eagle was shimmering with gold lines, head and legs. The reason it was so bad is that it was taken by … my husband. Urghhhh…. It was a pain in the ass to pain it, every thin golden line around every feather, and every feather and every tip of the feather in red and blue. It was from this eagle that i realized red, blue and gold is a very Egyptian combination. I was considering drawing Isis with spread wings but reminding myself how much time it took with this eagle, i opted for the black dogs immediately.

Ladies with lotus


These ladies are nanny, wife and mother of the pharaoh, yet they look the same. This flower is named lotus but i think they look more like lily. Nice ladies to work with as i like to draw their contour features. I was not so fond of painting them but i guessed they needed some tan.



This was a problematic pic as i had to invent the colours. The goddesses are ok but the pharaoh was originally in white, and he indeed looks best in white. But i had to pain him, so my husband suggested light blue, which was out of place, but in fact nothing will look good on him as he’s supposed to be dressed in white. The proportion was difficult to balance in my frame of 4 papers. The things i like best are their necklaces.

The day before the party, we planned to come and decorate the grendehus as we knew it’d be a lot of work with sticking all our decoration and setting up all the games for the kids. We planned to go at 7pm to fetch the key together. 15 minutes before 7, my husband made a phone call. I heard him told his friend excitedly about the party and they both giggled. Then they started to talk. It’d be ok to go at 7:30 i thought. Maybe i can prepare the chicken while waiting, maybe i’ll just marinate them, and i’ll put them in oven when we’re back.

He continued to talk, i looked at the clock and wanted to remind him that we should actually go soon. Soon is an euphemism of ‘already late’. But the conversation seemed to turn tensed, so i’d better wait.

I arranged the chicken on the baking tray. I heard some arguing maybe (as i don’t understand Polish but i guessed from the tone of voice).

I put the chicken in the heated oven. I saw my husband’s face has turn red, and from his hand gesture he was getting angry, which i have never seen when he speaks with friends. I decided to feed Nhim first. Maybe it will take longer.

Finally he stopped to talk, not because they have reached a common conclusion but rather it was too hard to continue. He was greatly disturbed. So, I put the second batch of chicken into marinating. We sat down and talked about the conversation. He said he had a difficult decision to make, NOW. I was thinking ‘Shit, this is the last thing i need. We’re screwing the party. But it has to be talked out.’

It’s typical, isn’t it? Always like that, after long energy-squeezing and nerve-cracking preparation, right before the big event, the only thing i need to make it complete is an unexpected total knock-out. What’s the most horrible thing that can happen anyway? We’d postpone the party, say, no party guests, sorry, go home with your presents. That’s just a bit lot embarrassing, but it won’t kill anyone. Or we can have a party with no cake, almost no food, only a bit chicken and juice, no game, and throw my month long drawing into the trash bin. Whatever, it’s just a stupid party. But we need to talk this out.

After an hour of therapy, i went to fetch the key at 10. Still with a lime hope that now we’d go together to the grendehus. But he was completely out of himself. So, i put Nhim to sleep, she was very disappointed as she expected her staying up would result in visit to the grendehus. She cried and started to be clingy to him as she sensed something abnormal. I started to smell danger as his border of endurance seemed to be close to burst. And i didn’t want the quarrel to spill out into our family too.

Finally she slept. I knew this party was screwed. We sat and talked and wondered if today would mark the end of his 20-something years long friendship. But he made the decision. It was Valentine’s day. He decided to guard the peace of our family and ended a potentially profitable business. It was indeed the best Valentine present he could give. The decision was bitter, shocking, a blow out of nothing almost, but unavoidable. We sat until 2:30 thinking about our new situation, the grand action plan for this year evaporated, we’d cancel everything, back to the normal days in days out. Life will be calm, peaceful.

When he also had gone to sleep, completely drained emotionally, I sat by myself jotting down what still had to be done. And the first thought that came was ‘No way’. Either i’d sleep 3 hours either not enough time. Ok, we’d cut corner, we don’t need to be perfectionists. And i know i’d need to give 150% of myself. Have to. Shit. Why it always has to be like this? Why it can’t just go smoothly, normally for one time for god’s sake. I remember last year i was drawing around every dot on a dinosaur late after midnight, exhausted and cursing all dinosaurs which had spots and stripes deserve to extinct because it was so damn painful to draw them.

But i didn’t sleep 3 hours. I slept 5.

Everything went fine in the morning except for sometimes I had to remind myself to calm down mentally or i’m robotizing myself and will start to go out of control.

1 hour before the party, we moved to the grendehus. I was in total panic. Overwhelmed. We stuck drawings on the wall like mad, and the fucking tape didn’t seem to work. Nice, that was all i needed. Nhim had to remind me to not say ‘Oh fuck’. Mum, it’s not good.

First guests came. Here’s the balloons, here’s the pump, three together with ribbons. And i’m off to see how my husband was doing downstairs.

More guests came. Luckily there was food on the table and i managed to wrapped a mummy cake before. It was not the most pretty cake but have you ever seen a pretty mummy?

So it was not the warmest welcome, but they did have more than enough food to eat. And the table looked good. And it was still way better than the normal Norwegian pølse. The party got a lift when it came to the games, as we managed to set them up all as planned. And children had fun, not all quite the way we expected but they tried everything, and no one showed sign of wanting to leave.

The desert rounded off with a nice surprise with chocolate spoons. Everyone left taking home their newly made necklaces. One beetle lost leg, one oar of Tutankhamun’s boat was broken which was a good indicator that they enjoyed the boat. No other damage and children and adults seemed pleased.

And we’re still alive.

We went very late to the Tet party, which turned out to be a very friendly and cosy one with live guitar and singing and some good leftover food. We were much more relaxed when we walked the slippery ice-glazed road home. From tomorrow life will be much more peaceful, normal, no big event, no big effort-making. A calm sea.

The day after, we got to know we’ll pick up the business again. By ourselves.

No calm sea, it’s just the one-day calm before another storm. And i know the party was a drizzle, what’s coming is a tornado. It could have broken a 20 year-old friendship. Our marriage is only 7 years. Am i ready for the game? Do i dare to take it?

From my experience, i should never say no. Because you never know where things will lead you to. Behind every move could lie the next big turn of your life, but never say no, as you’d never find out what’s waiting ahead for you, or what person you’d become, if you don’t take the chance.

It’s an one time chance.

You can lose money and make it again.

You can lose the business and back to building things from scratch again.

But you will never reverse a relationship to the state as it was before again. I mean big commitment either breaks or makes a relationship. I know people who divorce after building a house together, making a big project together, or have kids together.

Should i get scared? I do.

Should i take the risk? I will.

I just want to see how much i can do, what i can become and what more can be out of us.


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