Karl K. – The size of love life.

I think i met him twice. I said ‘I think’ as each time lasted approximately 1/3 of a second.

My husband said he’s very successful professionally, good-looking, very sociable, excellent communication skill, drives a bike, reasonable, and surprisingly open (according to Norwegian standard) to my husband about his private life.

Not gay (having said the above). And by the way, below his 50s. Anyone?

From the 2/3 of the second i saw him, i can’t judge if all the description about him is true, but I trust my husband.

What’s wrong with Karl K.? He seems to have everything, he should not be alone. But he is. And moreover, he is dead stuck.

Karl K. knows very well he wants to be in a long stable relationship, as he knows how good it is to be with someone. In fact, he knows it a little too well. He tried it 3 times (12 years – 8 years – 4 years), have kid(s), looks like. I see from the descending length of the relationships, each time minus 4 years, so the simple maths’d say that Karl K. should not try the fourth time as its default value is 0. Still, he’s banging head against the wall, keeping a ‘female friend’, but now looking for someone serious.

Well, I did a little research and not surprised, while the chance for first marriage to fail (in the western world) is 50%, with the second marriage, it’s 67% and third time around, it’s 73% (Psychologytoday.com) . Karl K. simply lived according to the statistic.

I don’t know what’s wrong with him, he sounds perfect so he must have picked awful women all the time. Which means that he must have a deviated taste for women, which in turns means he’s not that perfect. Or he must have thought: it’s getting bumpy, and not so fun anymore. Because i’m so good guy, i should have no problem getting the next chic in no time, so why bother with this old unpleasant nagging wife.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he fought with teeth and claw for his 3 marriages but still without luck. But still, after the lucky 3, he should really sit back and seriously reflect what went wrong. And either admit he’s not suitable to live with women, either make a retro with one of his exes (recommendably the 12 years one, if she’s still available). We have retro for fashion, retro for furniture, retro for radios and computers, why not retro for your own ex? I think 3 times is enough of generalization, and it’s little chance the 4th time around he suddenly meet Ms. Right and it’d go magically smooth happy-ever-after.

But no, he’s has a great job and a great bike (testosterone still high), and still looks good, so he’s heading for the future with no look back over the shoulder. But what future he’s looking for? A young sun-kissed hot chic from Thailand: she probably wants kids, and he probably has had enough of diaper changes in his 3 marriages. No thanks. By the way, he’s not that open to strange culture, as he confides. Or a 40-something established European? Should be a lot of choices,but she probably has her own kids. It’s easy to imagine it’s like walking in a maze trying to draw relations between him – new wife, him – new step children, new wife – his kids, new wife – his old exes, him – new wife’s ex(es), his exes – new wife’s kids, etc. And i already assume they want no more kids. Or else, it’d really involve high maths with  some advanced formula for calculation.

I think it’s too much trouble for a soon-to-be 50. When you have ex – ex – ex – then the last abbreviation is likely to be either Single (XXXS) or Lonely (XXXL) rather than Married (XXXM).

I think we are fed with the illusion that human can fight against his circumstances, like poor boy against all odds becomes rich successful guy, stuff like that. But in fact, more often than not, we are humble and defeated to our situation. Therefore, we should care not to fall into such situation in the first place. not to race headlessly there, and then ‘Now what?’

As now all Kark K. can do every other weekend is to race his bike round and round and round, like a hamster on a wheel, dreaming of his 4th Ms. Right.

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