Summer holiday in Poland – 2015

I’m back after more than 2 weeks away and right now I hate Facebook.

I’ve been without FB all this time, still alive. And re-realized i don’t need it. Don’t want it in my day, as much as I can withstand. And will try to keep it away from me as long as it goes. I decide so because i realized there’s so much more i want to do than to peek into what’s up with loads of people. FB gives a false illusion of closeness. In these 2 weeks I have met and talked with so many friends, and that’s what i want, not checking their latest status.

Most of what i get from Fb is trash: trash information, trash emotion, trash attention and trashy spending of my time. Trash means something you don’t need, but comes to you anyway, like the ads in your mailbox. All the stuffs that scream in your face: check me out, read this, share this, like this, be trendy as this, I’ve got enough.

It was a medium holiday. Medium means not too crazy, just tiring at acceptable level. Could be a bit more relaxing but it’s hard for us to relax on holiday. Trust me.

This is the time line before i forget:

– land in Warsaw, spend night at aunt’s flat.

– travelled to Lublin by train, stayed at Cent Hostel, very nice one.

– See the King Chapel (very colourful), the museum (very real life statues), walked in the old city, ate at the Vietnamese restaurant with a smelly entrance (but very nice owner).

– Visit Folk museum with traditional polish houses, lin festival, met authors (sunday)

– Took train to Lodz, stay at Piotr: late night chatting for the guys.

– Visit Simon’s grandma, met Simon’s new girlfriend.

– Visit Jewish palace, see the pony, ate in Apple restaurant, visit the nice old couple with a marvellous garden.

– Train to Piotrkow, a small town where nothing happens, elegant hotel. beautiful Barrock church, chatty pharmacy owner.

– Taxi to the geologist picnic in the forest, met archaeologists making iron from ore in clay oven and an old professor who explained about Nhim’s fossil.

– 2 hours wait on a wooden-roofed station, feeding pigeons which make nest on the planks, drop poo overall, before taking train back to Warsaw in baking weather.

– Playground near aunt, Lidl.

– Met Lukas + Mocala + Karolina

– Visit Marie Curie’s birth house, nice ice cream with rose flavour, Chopin on the street, soap bubbles, having to walk thru the crowded old city having problem finding a place for dinner. Managed to buy Nhim a Sponge balloon at last.

– Visit Marta

– Visit National museum: ancient Greek and Japanese

– Visit Young Mark and Kate.

– Visit Kopernic science center, missed the canteen due to false evacuation.

– Arcadi shopping center: Nhim shoes, ate mareng cake, Carefour.

– Zoo: aggressive rhino dad

– Visit Vojtek

– Visit Viktor

– Old Mark

– Flew back with presents for Hermela.

Lots of travelling, seeing people and thinking about them.

Holiday for me is the smell of cabbage soup on an old station.

The peeled off walls of a poor town.

The line of grannies sitting on park benches, looking at us as if we are the tourist attraction ourselves.

The hostel new bathrooms and their terrific double-decker beds which I’ve come to hate as Nhim’s come to love.

There’s so much to take in, so much to remember and think about. And changed me.

I’ll hopefully post the pics.


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