The tree of life

It’s a poster we bought Nhim from the Nature Historic Museum. It’s no longer on our wall as Nhim tore it away long ago. By the way, here it is on Amazone.

On this poster when it comes to how human evolved from ape to man, guess what/who stands for the latest stage of evolution? Ok, I’ll save you from going check that Amazone link. It’s woman.

So according to evolution sequence on this poster, first is ape, then man (the middle link in between) and finally the end product of evolution: (tada) woman!

I agree that it smells a bit feminist. But as a woman myself, I’m pretty ok with this sequence. Not because it’s feminist, but because it’s, well, pretty logical, actually. Here’s why.

Look at the brain, what’s the difference between man’s brain and woman’s brain. You show man a thing, and he sees just … a thing. It has a roof, a frame, an engine, 4 doors, 4 wheels. Ah, a car. Then man walks around this thing, and checks how strong is the engine, what type of wheel, etc. Basically, it’s just observation of what’s there in front of his eyes. No more.

What woman sees: is it a family car with child seat, space for shopping. If it’s silver, the owner maybe a man, kind of business style. Maybe he’s rich. Or if it’s white, maybe it belongs to a woman who reads Vogue and Elle. Or is it glossy red, with removable roof suitable for catching girls on Saturday nights, so I’d better cross this guy out because I’m for serious relationships now.

It doesn’t matter if such woman’s speculations makes any sense or not. It matters that it’s there, that woman are able to make such speculations, ridiculous, inaccurate, for-nothing. Because it’s imagination, it’s an effort to go beyond what’s there in front of your eyes to some abstract features. It’s a higher brain function, which man is not so good at. And maybe such a higher brain function takes a bit further of evolution to get there.

What else? Who cries when Jack sinks with the Titanic? Who dreams more about great love and soulmates? Who write more blogs online? Women. They are overly emotional, which is also a feature of higher brain function. Man on the hand just sit there playing bloody games, seeing bloody movies, thinking about ‘kicking some ass’, ‘showing who’s boss’ ‘who ‘s got the chic’. In short, the aggressive, dominating instincts. Instincts to fight, to mate, to survive. Of course, woman have those too, but at far less degree. For woman, emotion – big, aggression – small; for man, the opposite. And take a look at our ape relatives, who are more savage, more aggressive, care more about passing on genes than maintaining world peace. Unfortunately, they’re more closer to man than woman.

And if you put an average man and an average woman in our civilized society, with supermarkets to make sure no one will have to hunt bears for a living, with public transport to make sure no one will break their neck falling from horses, and dish-washer, and unemployment benefit and healthcare, and so on. You’ll see that man will still tend to die before woman, given the same living conditions. They’re closer to extinction, because they lack some higher brain functions to survive successfully. How?

Men are much easier to put themselves in danger, especially when there is no actual danger around. They drink, take drug, drive bike, do extreme ‘sports’, one-night stands without aware that they do have (small as it may seems) need of emotions and once they keep shattering this need or don’t care, it won’t make their life any better.

Men are notoriously afraid of visiting doctors, though visiting tatoo is fine. They dread being informed that they are actually not so ‘tough’ as they’d like.

Women do all the things that support a longer existence: they self-care (except  for high heels), they eat healthier food, they ride bike too, but the leisure ones, in the park, to breathe fresh air and smell the rose. They try to maintain relationships. More religious. And they don’t watch that Godfather series.

No need to tell that men who are in long relationship with women lives longer and happier than those don’t. Because if you leave men to themselves, they’d either eventually kill themselves in this or that way, or kill others, which in fact is just a roundabout way of killing oneself. Is something wrong with men? Why can they just live normally? There you have it, not their fault, they’re just not that evolved.

Ok, I left reproduction out of the picture which of course means a lot. And which of course makes this a joke, as woman can not get where they are now (you know what i mean, the last stage of evolution) without men.

But maybe it’s still worth to order this poster from Amazone (i have no account there, so no worry, this is not an ads). Maybe you can also get a second thought.


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